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Kansas State University

Degree Requirements

At least 124 credit hours are required for graduation.

Courses numbered below 100 may not be applied toward a degree. In addition to the university's limit on credits for extracurricular work, no more than 4 credit hours in lifetime sports and exercise activity classes may be applied toward a degree.

Common degree requirements

(Three courses, 8 credit hours minimum) Purpose: to give students practice in oral presentation and in writing and analyzing expository and argumentative prose.

ENGL 100Expository Writing I3
ENGL 200Expository Writing II3
SPCH 105Public Speaking IA2
SPCH 106Public Speaking I3

University general education requirements

As required by the university, students must complete at least 18 credit hours of approved UGE courses, at least 6 credit hours of which must be at the 300 level or above. Except for students in the college's interdisciplinary majors (humanities, life sciences, physical science, and social science) courses used for UGE credit may not be in the student's major field without the approval of the college and the university.

Within the above guidelines, any approved UGE courses offered by any college at Kansas State University may be used to satisfy these requirements. UGE courses approved as basic requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences (see Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences following this section) may be used to satisfy simultaneously both UGE and College of Arts and Sciences basic requirements.

In course descriptions, UGE courses are marked with a University General Education course. For more information about UGE requirements, see the Degrees section of this catalog. For a current list of approved UGE courses: