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About the Catalog

The K-State Undergraduate Catalog is a reference for those interested in academic policies, procedures, and programs of the university. Refer to the table of contents or the index for specific topics of interest.

Degree requirements and programs are organized by colleges and departments. Course descriptions are provided to help you and your academic advisor plan your academic choices.

Course Descriptions

The following course description key explains the system used for courses listed throughout the catalog.

Sample course description

University General Education courseGEOG 221. Environmental Geography II. (4) I, II. A basic physical geography course emphasizing the geosphere and hydrosphere, including processes, patterns, and physical background for related issues such as natural hazards and human modification of physical conditions. Introduces remote sensing and the use of topographic maps in environmental study. Three hours lec. and one two-hour lab per week. Pr.: Environmental Geography I.

The diamond (University General Education course) indicates the course has been approved for university general education program credit.

The letters GEOG denote the department in which the course is offered (in this case, the Department of Geography).

The three digits of the course number 221 represent the level of the course.

Reference number

(i.e., 42730)

The five-digit number, automatically reassigned each semester, designates a course section.

Course number

(i.e., KIN 220)

The three to five letters denote the department offering the course. The three digits represent the level of the course.

000-099  An undergraduate course in which no credit is granted toward degree requirements.

100-299  An undergraduate lower-division course, designated as a freshman- or sophomore-level course.

300-499  An undergraduate upper-division course, designated as a junior- or senior-level course.

500-699  An undergraduate upper-division course, primarily designated as a junior- or senior-level course. Courses numbered 500-599 may be taken for graduate credit only in a graduate student's minor field. Courses numbered 600-699 may be taken for graduate credit in a graduate student's major field.

700-799  An undergraduate upper-division or graduate course, primarily graduate-level course.

800-899  A graduate course, primarily for a master's-level course or a professional-level course.

900-999  A graduate course, primarily for doctoral-level course.

The number in parentheses (4) following the course title indicates the units of credit given for the course.

The I, II, S, and/or intersession following the course title indicate the semester, or semesters, each course is usually offered; I stands for fall semester, II for spring, S for summer semester, and intersession for the term between semesters.

The abbreviation Pr. indicates prerequisites for the course. In the sample course, students would be required to have completed Environmental Geography I before enrolling Some courses list Recommended pr., which means a previous course is strongly recommended, although not required.

Some courses may allow or require concurrent enrollment in other courses. This is indicated by the abbreviation Conc.

Faculty Lists Key

Departmental sections

In the departmental sections, faculty members are listed by their last names and according to their faculty rank.

Faculty section

An all-inclusive faculty and administration section precedes the index. This section lists each faculty member's full name, academic degrees, and year of first appointment at K-State (in parentheses).

Graduate faculty

Consult the K-State Graduate Catalog, available online at www.k-state.edu/grad/faculty/faculty.htm


All phone numbers are 785 area code, except where noted. All addresses are Manhattan, Kansas, 66506, except where noted.

Online Catalog

This catalog is available as a static document at courses.k-state.edu/catalog/undergraduate.

Other Publications

Course schedule booklet

The Course Schedule, a listing of courses offered each semester, is available at www.k-state.edu/courses

For future students
Office of Admissions

119 Anderson Hall, 785-532-6250 or 1-800-432-8270 (toll free)

Admissions Guide and workbook: Overview of majors and student life. Includes applications for admission, scholarships, and campus housing.

For future graduate students
Graduate School

103 Fairchild Hall, 785-532-6191 or 1-800-651-1816 (toll free)
E-mail: ksugrad@k-state.edu

Graduate Studies: Overview of K-State's graduate programs and research opportunities.

Graduate Catalog: Description of graduate programs and courses.

Graduate Handbook: University policies on graduate education adopted by the Graduate Council.

For continuing education
Division of Continuing Education

College Court Building, 785-532-5566 or 1-800-432-8222 (toll free)

Distance Education Catalog: Listing of courses—offered through a variety of delivery methods including online—that can be taken in your own community. Bachelor's and master's degrees offered.

Brochure for Educators: Listing of courses of interest to educators. Available each semester.

Professional development courses: Opportunities for professional education www.dce.ksu.edu/professionaldevelopment

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