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Bachelor of Fine Arts

At least 124 hours are required for graduation. (Students who entered K-State before the fall of 2003 require only 120 hours for graduation.)

The bachelor of fine arts degree is a professionally oriented undergraduate degree in art. It is designed primarily for those planning to become professional artists, artist-teachers, or art therapists. Greater emphasis is placed on actual practice in the creative disciplines. The degree is considered appropriate preparation for the master of fine arts degree, which is recognized as the terminal degree in studio arts, and for the master's degree in art therapy, which is required for registration as an art therapist.

The BFA in art is a four-year, 124-hour program with concentration possible in painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, printmaking, drawing, metalsmithing and jewelry, illustration, digital arts, pre-art therapy, and photography. The degree requirements are as follows:

Basic requirements (45 hours)

Communications—English composition, two courses; and oral communication, one course

Social sciences—two courses

Humanities—three courses

Philosophy or mathematics—one course

Natural sciences—two courses, one with a lab

General electives—11-19 hours

Art courses (75 credit hours)

Core—39 hours

Major—21 hours

Art electives and related courses—15 hours

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