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Terry S. King, Dean

Richard Gallagher, Associate Dean

Ray E. Hightower, Assistant Dean

Tom C. Roberts, Assistant Dean

Kimberly D. Douglas, Director, Women in Engineering and Science Program

LaVerne Bitsie-Baldwin, Director, Multicultural Engineering Program

1042 Rathbone Hall

E-mail: engg@dengr.ksu.edu

A course of study leading to a degree in the College of Engineering provides a well-rounded university education and equips students with a broad theoretical and practical background to meet the new and demanding problems of our technological society.

The College of Engineering offers the bachelor of science degree in the following fields: architectural engineering, biological and agricultural engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, computer science, construction science and management, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, manufacturing systems engineering, information systems, mechanical engineering, and nuclear reactor technology.

The College of Engineering at K-State is the most comprehensive college of engineering in Kansas. In addition to the 11 degree programs, 8 formal options and 59 areas of specialization are offered. All degree programs are nationally accredited.

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