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International Programs

304 Fairchild Hall


Fax: 785-532-6550

E-mail: kholland@k-state.edu

Building upon several decades of international involvement, K-State provides a range of programs that link the campus with other parts of the world. Many of these are coordinated through individual departments or colleges; others serve the whole university.

The Office of International Programs is the primary central unit responsible for coordinating K-State's various international programs. The office supervises the Study Abroad Program and the English Language Program, and it provides a range of services and support to faculty and students. Coordination is assisted by an International Activities Council that is broadly representative of the university.

Study Abroad Programs

Liz Ward, Director of Study Abroad

304 Fairchild Hall


Fax: 785-532-6550

E-mail: lizward@k-state.edu


The Study Abroad Program offers a variety of international group travel seminars as well as exchange options for students in almost 200 locations and on every continent. Available programs range in length from a summer or semester to a full year. K-State participates in two large exchange networks: the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) and the MAUI-Utrecht Exchange. K-State also has bilateral exchanges with three dozen universities. A cooperative agreement through Mid-America Universities International (MAUI) allows students to participate in programs offered by other MAUI institutions. K-State also has links to such programs as Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE) and Semester-at-Sea.

K-State also offers students a variety of credit and noncredit learning opportunities abroad through travel seminars and more extended group abroad programs. Most programs are led by K-State faculty and are coordinated by the study abroad office in cooperation with academic departments. Examples include the Department of Architecture spring semester in Italy, the Spanish summer language program in Mexico and Spain, and travel seminars to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The coordinator of group study abroad assists faculty to develop programs and counsels students on foreign learning opportunities.

Scholarships for study abroad

Students are encouraged to apply for a range of scholarships administered by the study abroad program.

· Student Government Association Scholarship

· Barton-Dobenin Scholarship

· Doris Hays Fenton Memorial Scholarship

· German-Swiss Scholarship

· Catherine Joyce Memorial Scholarship

· Vernon Larson Study Abroad Scholarship

· James B. Pearson Fellowship

· Heather Stewart Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships available through other offices include:

Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Boren

Jim Hohenbary


Modern languages (majors only)

Robert Corum


Blue Key

102 Holton Hall


Rotary Ambassadoral Scholarship

Rebecca Gould


Steven Graham


Rotary World Peace Scholarship

Kenneth Holland


Barton-Dobenin Study Abroad Fellowship

College of Business Administration (majors only)


Marc Johnson International Studies Scholarship

Don Boggs


Roger and Ruth Wolfe International Scholarship

Don Boggs


International Students

See the Admission and International Student Center sections of this catalog.

English Language Program

Mary Wood, Director

205 Fairchild

E-mail: elp@ksu.edu

The English Language Program offers intensive English courses primarily for international students who plan to enter degree programs at K-State. However, it also accepts students who wish to come for English instruction only.

The program offers four levels of full-time intensive English. It also offers advanced part-time courses specifically for students who need support in English while taking classes in their degree field.

Undergraduate applicants who are academically qualified but don't yet have the required English proficiency may be offered conditional admission. These students apply to the English Language Program and receive an I-20 form to cover both their English study and the time they will spend earning their degree. They study in the English Language Program until they earn the required TOEFL score or earn the recommendation of the program.

The program also screens the English proficiency of incoming non-native speakers of English. Students with a TOEFL score between 550 and 600 are tested, and some are placed in ENGL077 Written Communication for International Students or ENGL078 Oral Communication for International Students.

For other information and a brochure, write or e-mail the English Language Program at the addresses above.

International and Area Studies Programs

Students seeking to enrich their college experience and enhance their personal and professional development may take advantage of several interdisciplinary international education opportunities.

College of Agriculture

Don Boggs

E-mail: dboggs@k-state.edu

A minor in international agriculture is available to students with agricultural majors. The minor requires a combination of language, international course work, and experience abroad.

College of Arts and Sciences

Bradley Shaw, Director International and Area Studies

215 Eisenhower Hall 785-532-1988 Fax: 785-532-7004
E-mail: ias@k-state.edu

The College of Arts and Sciences offers two secondary majors to undergraduates in any discipline: international studies and Latin American Studies. For more information, see the Secondary Majors section of this catalog.

College of Business Administration

Student Services

107 Calvin Hall 785-532-6180

Training in global business operations ensures that students are prepared to meet future challenges in the global marketplace. This can be accomplished through the certificate in international business or the international studies program in the College of Arts and Sciences.

International Community Service Program

Mary Tolar, Director

Edwards Hall


Fax: 785-532-6896

E-mail: mtolar@k-state.edu

Since 1990 the K-State Community Service Program has placed teams of students abroad to work on service projects for the benefit of their host communities. Past project countries have included Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Mexico, El Salvador, Jordan, and India. Projects are normally 8 to 10 weeks during the summer. Participants are chosen in the fall semester prior to the project and enroll in a preparatory course during spring semester. The Community Service Program also has summer service projects in Kansas communities, many of which include international participants.

International Development Programs

The Office of International Agricultural Programs, the International Grains Program, the International Meat and Livestock Program, and other units maintain projects abroad, provide short-term consultants, and provide short-course training for foreign visitors.

K-State is a member of the MidAmerica International Agricultural Consortium and Mid-America Universities International (MAUI), through which collaborative development projects are pursued.

International Agricultural Programs

Steven Graham


International Grains Program

Brendan Donnelly, Director


John Howard, Program Administrator


International Meat and Livestock Program

Scott Schaake


Janice Swanson


International Sorghum and Millet Program

Steven Graham


Information Support Services for Agriculture (ISSA)

Donna Schenck-Hamlin, Director


Mid-America International Agricultural Consortium

Steven Graham


Mid-America Universities International (MAUI)

Kenneth Holland


Wheat Research Center

Ron Madl, Director


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