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Kansas State University


Students interested in pre-professional programs are advised in the College of Arts and Sciences dean's office.

As law schools select students from a wide variety of majors, there is no pre-law major or prescribed curriculum at K-State; rather, pre-law is an interest area for students considering law school. Pre-law students select majors in any college on campus. Students who have not yet decided on a major should explore curriculum options with an Open Option advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences.

While the Association of American Law Schools does not prescribe a particular pre-law curriculum, it recommends that students select rigorous courses to develop critical and analytical thinking skills, a facility with written and spoken expression, and an understanding of our society's institutions and values. Appropriate courses will be selected in consultation with the student's major advisor and the pre-law advisor.

Students in all majors who are considering law school should consult with the university's pre-law advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences dean's office early in their undergraduate career. Additional information about pre-law can be found on the pre-law website at