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Business Administration

Yar M. Ebadi, Dean

Ike C. Ehie, Associate Dean

David R. Vruwink, Assistant Dean

110 Calvin Hall



The main objective of the College of Business Administration is to provide a balanced program for general education and professional study in business administration and accounting.

The degree programs in business offered by the College of Business Administration are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Throughout a student's academic career, the business firm is examined as a vital social, economic, and political institution. To equip the prospective executive and specialist for future professional responsibilities, the college organizes instructional activities around two themes: (1) the businessperson as the manager of operations and decision maker in a particular firm; and (2) the businessperson as one who must analyze and adapt to the larger economic, social, and political environment of which he or she and the firm are integral parts. Both subject matter and instructional techniques focus on decision making and implementation of decisions through critical and creative analysis.

The College of Business Administration also sponsors numerous short courses and conferences for business and management groups.

At the undergraduate level, the College of Business Administration seeks to produce graduates with a broad education in the arts, sciences, and humanities; a solid knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the business world; sufficient knowledge and skill in a field of specialization to obtain positions in business; and the proven ability to think creatively and analytically in order to progress into positions of greater responsibility.

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