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University General Education

To satisfy university degree requirements, an engineering student must take a minimum of 18 credit hours of approved university general education courses (UGE). These UGE courses must be completed at K-State.

This requirement may be met with required courses in the curriculum and/or with electives, e.g., humanities and social science electives, which have also been designated as UGE courses. In most instances, courses will be used as “overlays,” e.g., to satisfy concurrently a requirement based on accreditation criteria and a UGE requirement.

Students who have acquired academic credits accepted by the university, prior to fall 1997, are not obligated to complete the UGE requirements. Students who pursue and complete their first acceptable credit in fall 1997 or later must meet all aspects of the university general education program.

UGE program requirements

The minimum university general education requirements of the college include 18 credit hours from the following areas:

Natural science: 3 credit hours
Unrestricted disciplines: 9 credit hours
Humanities and social science: 6 credit hours must be selected from UGE courses that are also on the engineering approved humanities and social science list. A minimum of three credit hours must be taken in humanities and three credit hours in the social sciences.

At least six of the UGE credit hours must be 300 level or above, and may include one UGE “advanced writing experience” course* required within the student's major.

No more than 6 credit hours can be from the College of Engineering. One course up to three credit hours may be in the student's major, if this course meets the UGE “advanced writing experience criteria.” No other course from the student's major can apply towards UGE credit, unless approved by the Faculty Senate.

All courses must be taken for a letter grade.

*The College of Engineering will allow undergraduates to include as part of their UGE program requirements a maximum of 3 credit hours from designated upper-division courses or experiences that have been approved as UGE equivalent. Such upper-division courses or experiences will be specifically designed for majors, incorporate the three UGE benchmarks and a significant advanced writing experience, and be approved by the UGE Council. (Faculty Senate: 1-18-05.)

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