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Degree Programs

Engineering is a profession in which knowledge of mathematics and natural science is applied to develop ways to utilize the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. The curricula for the College of Engineering is designed to meet the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) degree program criteria. The overall curriculum provides an integrated educational experience and includes course work in the following areas:

· Physical sciences and mathematics

· Communications

· Humanities and social sciences

· Engineering sciences

· Discipline-specific courses and technical electives

All K-State ABET programs exceed the minima, so when coupled with the English, speech, and UGE requirements of the university, graduates of these programs have taken at least 60 credit hours outside the College of Engineering.

Significant program breadth of our ABET-accredited engineering programs is ensured by the many curricular requirements outside of a student's major and the UGE program requirements of the college.

The construction science and management major is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education. The computer science major is accredited by the Computing Sciences Accreditation Board. These programs also contain significant program breadth.

Requirements for each degree can be obtained from the webpage of the department that offers the degree. Go to the college index of department webpages:


Humanities and social science electives

All engineering students are required to take courses in the humanities and social science areas in order to add breadth to their education and to help prepare for a more effective role in society. Students must complete courses in at least two areas and must complete at least two courses at a 300 or higher level.

All humanities and social science courses applied towards degree requirements must be taken for a letter grade and also be selected from the most recent list of humanities and social science electives approved by the engineering faculty. This list is available at the engineering student services office and on the engineering advising website at: www.engg.ksu.edu/advising/index.html

Credit by examination

K-State offers students a variety of quiz-out programs through which a student may earn academic credit in specific courses. Engineering students may earn quiz-out credits in mathematics, modern languages, and speech.

Advanced Placement

Many students earn credits by completing Advanced Placement tests. Students who have completed these tests should have the Educational Testing Service (ETS) forward an official report of their scores to the Office of Admissions at Kansas State University in order to receive credit.

For more information contact: Office of Admissions Kansas State University 119 Anderson Hall Manhattan, KS 66506-0102 785-532-6250 or 1-800-432-8270 (in Kansas)
E-mail: k-state@k-state.edu

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