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Extension and Outreach

Engineering Extension Programs

Richard G. Nelson, Director

Engineering Extension offers a range of services created to serve Kansans through the transfer of technology from the campus and laboratory to business and industry.

Engineering Extension reaches out through its own short courses, conferences, seminars, and workshops to provide information to audiences ranging from the lay public to users of sophisticated technology, including engineering and manufacturing personnel.

Engineering Extension's educational and training programs focus on energy and the environment. Energy information emphasizes construction and retrofit for energy efficiency, maintenance techniques in commercial and institutional buildings, building environmental control systems, and system design for energy efficiency. Engineering Extension targets these programs toward building designers, contractors, building operators, and owners.

In its environmental efforts, Engineering Extension focuses on pollution prevention, assisting Kansas businesses in minimizing the production of wastes harmful to the environment, and on radon detection, mitigation, and construction practice to minimize occupant exposure.

Engineering Extension also coordinates off-campus graduate courses by the College of Engineering. These courses can be available to the general public or be packaged as educational activities delivered for, and supported by, a specific industry or organization. Many of these courses are delivered electronically to educational sites in selected areas of Kansas.

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