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Secondary Education Program

Bachelor of science

Minimum of 126 hours required

Licensure grades 6-12

All students wishing to teach in secondary schools must fully complete the approved teacher education program regardless of which college awards the degree. The approved program consists of: general education studies, professional education studies, and teaching field studies as specifically outlined in the following sections.

General education requirements
Communications (8-9 hours) (A grade of C or better is required)
ENGL 100Expository Writing I3
ENGL 200Expository Writing II3
SPCH 105Public Speaking IA2
SPCH 106Public Speaking I3
SPCH 109Public Speaking Honors3
Humanities (6 hours)
Any department of English literature (except ENGL 230, 231, 233, 234, 355, or 545) or Department of Modern Languages literature course3
Fine arts appreciation
Any nonperformance appreciation class in the Departments of Art, Music, Speech (theater or dance courses), or university general education approved courses from the College of Architecture, Planning, and Design3
Social science (6 hours)
Any course from the Department of History3
International overlay
Recommended: ANTH 204; additional courses are available in ANTH, ECON, GEOG, HIST, POLSC, and SOCIO. See your advisor for approved courses3
Natural science (7 hours)
One lab required.
Quantitative sciences (6 hours)
(College Algebra is a prerequisite for statistics and computer science.)
MATH 100College Algebra (or higher level
math course) (Grade of C or better)3
STAT 320Elements of Statistics (or higher level statistics course) (Grade of C or better)3
General education electives (6 hours)
Professional education requirements

Pre-professional education

Required for admission to teacher education and prerequisite for Block I.

DED 075Orientation to Teacher Education at KSU
EDSEC 200Teaching as a Career1
EDSEC 230Early Field Experience1
FSHS 110Introduction to Human Development3
Non-blocked courses—These courses must be taken prior to or concurrent with Block I.
EDSEC 310Foundations of Education3
DED 318Instructional Media and Technology2
EDSEC 405Middle Level Education2 (Complete before student teaching; admission to teacher education required) (Not required for K-12 majors in art, modern languages, or music.)
Block I—Admission to teacher education required. Courses must be taken concurrently and are a prerequisite for Block II.
EDCEP 315Educational Psychology3
EDSP 323Exceptional Students/
Secondary School2
EDSEC 376Core Teaching Skills and Lab3
Block II—Courses must be taken concurrently and are a prerequisite for Block III.
EDSEC 477Middle Level/Secondary Reading2
EDSEC 500Content Area Methods in the Secondary and Middle Schools3
EDSEC 520Content Area Methods and Field Experience1
EDSEC 455Teaching in a Multicultural Society1
EDCEP 525Interpersonal Relations in the School1
Block III—Courses must be taken concurrently.
EDSEC 586Teaching Participation/
Secondary School12

Hours will vary with majors

Total credit hours required for graduation  126

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