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University General Education

The College of Architecture, Planning, and Design assures that all degree programs provide breadth through the completion of 18 credit hours to fulfill the university's general education requirements. These 18 credit hours must be approved university general education courses from outside the professional major designation.

At least 6 credit hours of the 18 credit hours must be taken in courses numbered 300 or above and no more than two courses from any single discipline (as defined by the course prefix) may be counted toward the required 18 credit hours of university general education electives.

Courses used to fulfill university general education credit cannot be in the student's major.

Students develop their programs of university general education with the ongoing assistance of their academic advisor.

Those electives listed with a specific designation, such as professional, must be chosen from those courses in the indicated field that are open to the student.

In course descriptions, UGE courses are marked with University General Education course. For more information about UGE requirements, see the Degrees section of this catalog. For a current list of approved UGE courses:

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