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Additional Information

Student academic creations

All programs involve extensive project work. Students are advised to budget sufficient funds to cover the cost of equipment, materials, and supplies. Material costs will be higher than those published for nonstudio curricula.

Student academic creations are subject to Kansas State University and Board of Regents intellectual property policies. The Regents policy states:

“The ownership of student works submitted in fulfillment of academic requirements shall be with the creator(s). The student, by enrolling in the institution, gives the institution a non-exclusive royalty-free license to mark on, modify, retain the work as may be required by the process of instruction, or otherwise handle the work as set out in the institution's intellectual property policy or in the course syllabus. The institution shall not have the right to use work in any other manner without the written consent of the creator(s).” “Otherwise handle,” as referenced in this policy, includes display of student work in various media and use for accreditation purposes.

K-State's intellectual property policy can be found at: http://www.ksu.edu/academicservices/intprop/policies.htm.

International study

Students can earn academic credit by studying in Italy, France, Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic, Australia, or Finland. Specific information is available from the associate dean.


Internships are available with private practitioners, corporations, and government agencies. Students earn academic credit and a salary while on internship. Specific requirements vary among the departments.

Extracurricular activities

The college offers opportunities for students to become involved in student government, student chapters of professional societies, ambassadors, Open House, and the student journal, OZ.

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