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Agricultural Education

Faculty—Harbstreit, Harris

E-mail: srh@k-state.edu

Agricultural education

Bachelor of science in agriculture

130 semester hours

Agricultural education involves the broad study of agriculture including a core of course work in agricultural economics, agronomy, animal science, agricultural technology management, and horticulture.

Agricultural education is designed for students who wish to meet requirements to teach agriculture in a public school setting or work in other areas where education and teaching are integral (i.e. extension, agribusiness, etc.). Graduates in this option meet Kansas State Board of Education licensure requirements.

Sixteen weeks during the second semester of the senior year are devoted to full-time student teaching.

Students must complete the university general education requirements specified by the College of Agriculture. See the College of Agriculture General Requirements section.

Communications (8 hrs.)
ENGL 100Expository Writing I3
ENGL 200Expository Writing II3
SPCH 105Public Speaking2
Humanities* (6 hrs.)
Social sciences* (6 hrs.)
*Specific courses are required to fulfill these categories. Check with your advisor.
Quantitative sciences (6 hrs.)
MATH 100College Algebra3
Higher level math course
Grade of C or better of Algebra CLEP test
STAT 320Elements of Statistics
Natural sciences (12 hrs.)
BIOL 198Principles of Biology4
CHM 110General Chemistry3
CHM 111General Chemistry Lab1
HORT 201Principles of Horticultural Science4
AGRON 220Crop Science4
Agricultural science (19 hrs.)
AGEC 120Principles of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness3
AGEC 308Farm and Ranch Management3
AGEC 318Food and Agribusiness Management3
HORT 350Plant Propagation3
HORT 570Greenhouse Operation and Management3
HORT 350Plant Propagation3
ASI 102Principles of Animal Science3
ASI 318Fundamentals of Nutrition3
ASI 500Genetics3
Agricultural technology management (7 hours)
ATM 160Engineered Systems/Technology Agriculture3
ATM elective3
IMSE 252Welding Laboratory1
Animal and food science and industry electives (6 hours)
Choose 6 hours from the following list (or course approved by your advisor)
GENAG 101Ag Orientation1
GENAG 200Topics in Agriculture1
GENAG 505Comparative Agriculture1
GENAG 515Honors Presentation1
ASI 105Animal Science and Industry1
ASI 106Dairy/Poultry Science1
ASI 303History Attitudes of Animal Use3
ASI 310Poultry and Poultry Product Evaluation3
ASI 315Livestock and Meat Evaluation3
ASI 318Fundamentals of Nutrition3
ASI 325Beginning Horse Evaluation2
ASI 330Horse as a Window to the World3
ASI 340Principles of Meat Science2
ASI 350Meat Science3
ASI 361Meat Animal Processing2
ASI 370Principles of Meat Evaluation2
ASI 385Wool Grading and Evaluation1
ASI 396Dairy Cattle Judging2
ASI 400Farm Animal Reproduction4
ASI 450Principles of Livestock Selection2
ASI 500Genetics3
ASI 510Animal Breeding Principles3
ASI 515Beef Science3
ASI 520Companion Animal Management3
ASI 521Horse Science3
ASI 524Sheep Science3
ASI 535Swine Science3
ASI 595Contemporary Issues in ASI and Agriculture3
FDSCI 302Introduction to Food Science3
FDSCI 305Fundamentals of Food Processing3
FDSCI 430Food Products Evaluation3
ENTOM 305Animal Heath Entomology2
ENTOM 306Animal Health Entomology Lab1
Horticulture/agronomy/natural resource electives (6 hours)
Choose 6 hours from the following list (or course approved by your advisor)
GENAG 101Ag Orientation1
GENAG 200Topics in Agriculture1
GENAG 505Comparative Agriculure1
GENAG 515Honors Presentation1
HORT 210Concepts of Floral Design3
HORT 275Concepts of Horticulture Design3
HORT 350Plant Propagation3
HORT 374Woody Plant Material I3
HORT 375Woody Plant Material II3
HORT 376Herbaceous Ornamental Plants3
HORT 377Plants in the Interior Environment3
HORT 508Landscape Maintenance3
HORT 515Turf Management3
HORT 520Fruit Production3
HORT 560Vegetable Crop Production3
AGRON 320Seed Technology3
AGRON 330Weed Science3
AGRON 335Environmental Quality3
AGRON 340Grain Grading2
AGRON 350Plant and Seed Identification2
AGRON 360Crop Growth and Development3
AGRON 375Soil Fertility3
AGRON 385Soil Fertility Lab2
AGRON 415Soils Judging1
AGRON 450Crops Team2
AGRON 501Range Management3
AGRON 550Forage Management and Utilization3
AGRON 551Forage Management Lab1
AGRON 610Biotechnology3
AGRON 630Principles of Crop Improvement3
AGRON 635Soil Conservation and Management3
ENTOM 300Economic Entomology2-3
ENTOM 301Insects and People3
ENTOM 312General Entomology2
ENTOM 313General Entomology Lab1
ENTOM 320Horticulture Entomology2-3
FOR 375Introduction to Natural Resource Management3
PLPTH 300Microbes, Plants, Human3
PLPTH 500Principles of Plant Pathology3
Ag economics and ag communications (3 hours)
Choose 3 hours from the following list (or course approved by your advisor)
AGEC 220Grain and Livestock Marketing Systems3
AGEC 410Agricultural Policy3
AGEC 415The Global Agriculural Economy, Hunger, and Poverty3
AGEC 420Commodity Futures3
AGEC 515Food and Agribusiness Marketing3
AGEC 516Agricultural Law and Economics3
AGEC 525Natural Resources and Environmental Economics3
AGCOM 310Communicating in the Agriculture Industry3
AGCOM 400Agricultural Business Communications3
Professional education
Pre-professional (13 hrs.)
EDSEC 300Introduction to Agricultural Education1
EDSEC 310Foundations of Education3
FSHS 110Introduction to Human Development3
DED 318Instructional Media2
EDSEC 620Principles and Philosophy Career and Technical Education3
EDSEC 505Field Experience in Agricultural Education1
*EDSEC 405Middle Level Education2
Block I (8 hrs.)
EDCEP 315Educational Psychology3
EDSP 323Exceptional Student in the Secondary School2
EDSEC 376Core Teach Skills and Lab3
Block II (16 hrs.)
EDCEP 525Interpersonal Relations in Schools1
EDCIP455Teaching in a Multicultural Society1
EDSEC 400Leadership and Professional Development2
EDSEC 477Middle Level/Secondary Reading2
EDSEC 500Methods of Teaching Agriculture3
EDSEC 520Content and Reading Methods Lab1
EDSEC 615Lab and Safety Techniques for Teaching Agriculture3
EDSEC 621Program Planning in Agricultural Education3
Block III (12 hrs.)
EDSEC 586Teaching Participation and Professional Development Seminar12
*May be taken any time after admission to the teacher education program but must be completed before Block III.
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