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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
ACCTG231Accounting For Business Operations
ACCTG241Accounting For Investing and Financing
ACCTG331Intermediate Accounting and Analytics I
ACCTG342Taxation I
ACCTG413Accounting Information Systems
ACCTG432Cost Accounting
ACCTG433Intermediate Accounting and Analytics II
ACCTG442Auditing I
ACCTG445Financial Statement Analysis
ACCTG642Accounting Research and Communication
AGCOM425Undergraduate Research in Agricultural Communications
AGEC115Decision Tools for Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
AGEC120Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
AGEC318Food and Agribusiness Management
AGEC420Commodity Futures
AGEC500Production Economics
AGEC501Data Analysis and Optimization
AGEC505Agricultural Market Structures
AGEC513Agricultural Finance
AGEC515Food and Agribusiness Marketing
AGEC520Market Fundamentals and Futures/Options Trading
AGEC535Agricultural Sales
AGEC560Data Analytics for Agricultural Economics
AGEC599Food and Agribusiness Management Strategy
AGEC605Price Analysis and Forecasting
AGEC680Risk Management
AGRON375Soil Fertility
AGRON515Soil Genesis and Classification
AGRON550Forage Management and Utilization
AGRON605Soil and Environmental Chemistry
AGRON630Crop Improvement and Biotechnology
AGRON650Integrated Weed Management
AGRON655Site Specific Agriculture
AGRON681Range Ecology
ANTH680Forensic Anthropology
ARCH347Structural Systems in Architecture I
ARCH433Building Construction Systems In Architecture I
ARCH514Environmental Systems in Architecture II
ASI315Livestock and Meat Evaluation
ASI320Principles of Feeding
ASI510Animal Breeding Principles
ASI608Dairy Foods Processing & Technology
ASI610Processed Meat Operations
ATM450Sensors and Controls for Agricultural and Biological System
ATM558Hydrology and Soil Erosion Management
AVM201Aircraft Metallic Primary Structures
AVM203Aircraft Environmental and Fire Protection Systems
AVM205Aircraft Landing Gear and Fluid Power Systems
AVM207Aircraft Electrical Systems
AVM301Advanced Reciprocating Powerplant Technology
AVM304Aircraft Fuel Management and Metering Systems
AVM322Powerplant Operation and Troubleshooting
AVM370Advanced Aircraft Avionics and Instrument Systems
AVM402Advanced Gas Turbine Powerplant Technology
AVT400Composites II
AVT420Aviation Accident Investigation
AVT450Aviation Safety Management
AVT451System Safety
BAE640Instrumentation and Control for Biological Systems
BIOCH110Biochemistry and Society
BIOCH111Biochemistry and Society Laboratory
BIOCH265Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry
BIOCH499Honors Project
BIOCH521General Biochemistry
BIOCH522General Biochemistry Laboratory
BIOCH599Research Training in Biochemistry
BIOCH775Molecular Biophysics
BIOL198Principles of Biology
BIOL198Principles of Biology
BIOL198Principles of Biology
BIOL450Modern Genetics
BIOL455General Microbiology
BIOL455General Microbiology
BUS251Financial Accounting
BUS252Managerial Accounting
BUS366Management with Information Technology
BUS421Applied Operations Management
BUS450Integrated Finance
BUS520Integrated Technology Management Capstone
CE542Structural Engineering in Steel
CE552Hydraulic Engineering
CE565Water and Wastewater Engineering
CE585Civil Engineering Project
CE680Economics of Design and Construction
CHE535Transport Phenomena Laboratory
CHE542Unit Operations Laboratory
CHE571Chemical Engineering Systems Design II
CHM110General Chemistry
CHM110General Chemistry
CHM110General Chemistry
CHM111General Chemistry Laboratory
CHM111General Chemistry Laboratory
CHM111General Chemistry Laboratory
CHM210Chemistry I
CHM211Chemistry I Recitation
CHM230Chemistry II
CHM230Chemistry II
CHM231Chemistry II Recitation
CHM250Honors Chemistry II
CHM350General Organic Chemistry
CHM351General Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHM371Chemical Analysis
CHM497Research In Undergraduate Chemistry
CHM500General Physical Chemistry
CHM531Organic Chemistry I
CHM532Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHM550Organic Chemistry II
CHM551Advanced Organic Laboratory
CHM595Physical Chemistry II
CHM596Physical Methods Laboratory
CHM599Senior Thesis Research
CHM612Inorganic Chemistry II
CIS111Introduction to Computer Programming
CIS200Programming Fundamentals
CIS209Computer Programming for Engineers
CIS300Data and Program Structures
CIS301Logical Foundations of Programming
CIS450Computer Architecture and Operations
CIS501Software Architecture and Design
CIS520Operating Systems I
CIS553Fundamentals of Cryptography
CIS560Database System Concepts
CIS570Introduction to Formal Language Theory
CIS575Introduction to Algorithm Analysis
CIS580Fundamentals of Game Programming
CIS590Spec Top/Cmptr Sci - Top/Data Science in Practice
CIS640Software Testing Techniques
CIS643Software Engineering Project II
CIS690Implementation Projects - Top/Vary Title by Student
CMST103Computing Principles
CMST108Pc Desktop Software
CMST146Digital Photography
CMST247Programming I
CMST250Hardware and Network Fundamentals
CMST252System and Software Fundamentals
CMST305Robotics Programming
CMST315Introduction to System Adminstration
CMST332Web Development Project
CMST485Computer Systems Senior Capstone Project
COMM260Introduction to Trial Advocacy
COMM325Argumentation and Debate
COMM328Professional Interviewing
DED420Honors Project
ECE241Introduction to Computer Engineering
ECET100Basic Electronics
ECET101Circuits I
ECET320Electronic Communication Systems
ECET340Electronic Manufacturing
ECET350Microprocessor Fundamentals
ECET385Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers
ECET420Communication Circuits Design
ECET481Electronic Design II
ECON510Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON520Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON530Money and Banking
ECON620Labor Economics
ECON633Public Finance
EDEL463Teaching Mathematics: K-6
EDSEC538Mathematics Methods for Secondary and Middle Schools
EDSEC614Laboratory Techniques in Teaching Science
ENGL302Technical Writing
ENTRP340Business Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Mindset
ENTRP340Business Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Mindset
ENTRP350Technology and Innovation Management
ENTRP520Social Entrepreneurship
ENVD202Environmental Design Studio II
FDSCI305Fundamentals of Food Processing
FDSCI501Food Chemistry
FINAN250Personal Investing and Risk Management
FINAN450Principles of Finance
FINAN500Investment Management Concepts
FINAN510Financial Institutions and Markets
FINAN531Commercial Banking
FINAN552Real Estate
FINAN575Intermediate Finance
FINAN643International Financial Management
FINAN653Security and Portfolio Analysis
FINAN654Derivative Securities and Markets
FINAN663Mergers and Acquisition
FINAN675Cases in Finance
FNDH132Basic Nutrition
FNDH320Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
FNDH400Human Nutrition
FNDH400Human Nutrition
FNDH413Science of Food
FNDH426Financial Management in Dietetics
FNDH515Counseling Strategies in Dietetic Practice
FNDH520Applied Clinical Dietetics
FNDH521Clinical Dietetics Practicum
FNDH561Management in Dietetics Practicum
FNDH632Clinical Nutrition II
FNDH635Sports Nutrition
GEOG121Introductory Physical Geography: Earth Systems Science
GEOG122Introduction to Physical Geography: Earth Systems Science Laboratory
GEOG508Geographic Information Systems I
GEOG535Global Climatology and Climate Change
GEOL625Introduction to Engineering Geology and Petrophysics
GRSC310Materials Handling
GRSC540Process Calculations in Food Systems
GRSC541Process Calculations in Food Systems Laboratory
GRSC560Electricity and Industrial Power Distribution
GRSC602Cereal Science
GRSC625Flour and Dough Testing
GRSC651Food and Feed Product Protection
HDFS375Introduction to Research Methods in Human Development and Family Science
HM422Cost Controls In Hospitality Operations
HM422Cost Controls In Hospitality Operations
HM422Cost Controls In Hospitality Operations
HM427Travel and Dining Auction Event Management
HORT551The Business of Landscape Contracting
HORT552Horticultural Landscape Construction
HORT560Vegetable Crop Production
HORT600Herbaceous Plant Production
IARC407Design Workshop I
IARC628Building Construction Systems IA
IARC645Internship Report
IARC664Summer Internship
IARC665Summer Internship Report
KIN310Measurement and Research Techniques in Kinesiology
KIN310Measurement and Research Techniques in Kinesiology
KIN335Physiology of Exercise
KIN335Physiology of Exercise
KIN336Physiology of Exercise Lab
KIN603Cardiovascular Physiology
KIN603Cardiovascular Physiology
KIN607Muscle Physiology
KIN607Muscle Physiology
KIN609Environmental Physiology
KIN609Environmental Physiology
LAR439Master Plan Design and Implementation
LAR500Site Planning and Design
MANGT366Introduction to Business Analytics and Information Systems
MANGT421Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management
MANGT521Managerial Decision Analytics
MANGT541Management of Quality
MANGT553Business Project Management
MANGT561Logistics and Warehouse Management
MANGT595Business Strategy
MATH100College Algebra - Studio
MATH100College Algebra - Traditional
MATH100College Algebra
MATH100College Algebra - Studio
MATH100College Algebra - Traditional
MATH100College Algebra
MATH150Plane Trigonometry
MATH150Plane Trigonometry
MATH150Plane Trigonometry
MATH160Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics
MATH205General Calculus and Linear Algebra
MATH205General Calculus and Linear Algebra
MATH220Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MATH220Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MATH220Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MATH221Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
MATH221Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
MATH221Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
MATH222Analytic Geometry and Calculus III
MATH222Analytic Geometry and Calculus III
MATH340Elementary Differential Equations
MATH340Elementary Differential Equations
MATH501Mathematical Foundations of Actuarial Science
MATH510Discrete Mathematics
MATH551Applied Matrix Theory
MATH551Applied Matrix Theory
ME535Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory
MET117Mechanical Modeling and Detailing
MET125Computer-Numerical-Controlled Machine Processes
MET230Automated Manufacturing Systems I
MET231Physical Materials and Metallurgy
MET264Machine Design Technology I
MET346Elements of Mechanisms
MET353Fluid Mechanics
MET382Industrial Instrumentation and Controls
MET471Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
MIS366Introduction to Business Analytics and Information Systems
MIS433Studio lll: ERP Project Planning and Implementation
MIS444Studio IV: Digital Business Networks
MIS665Business Analytics and Data Mining
MIS670Social Media Analytics and Web Mining
MIS677Studio VII: Senior MIS Project
MKTG580Marketing Analytics Fundamentals
MKTG880Applied Marketing Analy
PFP105Introduction to Personal Financial Planning
PFP305Advanced Personal Financial Planning
PFP595Capstone in Personal Financial Planning
PHILO105Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHYS101The Physical World
PHYS103The Physical World Laboratory
PHYS113General Physics l
PHYS113General Physics l
PHYS113General Physics l
PHYS114General Physics ll
PHYS114General Physics ll
PHYS115Descriptive Physics
PHYS123Physics Today ll
PHYS213Engineering Physics l
PHYS214Engineering Physics ll
PHYS224Physics ll, Electromagnetism and Sound
PHYS400Indep Study/Physics - Top/Vary By Student
PHYS460Undergraduate Topics in Physics
PHYS497Senior Research in Physics
PHYS499Honors Project
PHYS506Advanced Physics Laboratory
PHYS633Electromagnetic Fields ll
PHYS636Physical Measurements Instrumentation
PHYS662Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
PHYS694Particle Physics
PLPTH495Res/Plant Pathology - Top/Vary by Student
PLPTH500Principles of Plant Pathology
POLSC499Honors Project
PPIL111Private Pilot
PPIL112Professional Instrument Pilot
PPIL211Professional Commercial Pilot
PPIL312Certified Flight Instructor Ground School
PPIL325Advanced Aircraft Systems
PSYCH110General Psychology
PSYCH110General Psychology
PSYCH110General Psychology
PSYCH280Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence
PSYCH350Experimental Methods in Psychology
PSYCH425Judgement & Decision Making
PSYCH430Forensic Psychology
PSYCH460Cognitive Psychology
PSYCH475Principles of Learning
PSYCH480Fundamentals of Perception and Sensation
PSYCH505Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH518Introduction to Health Psychology
PSYCH545Consumer Psychology
PSYCH559Psychological Testing
PSYCH560Industrial Psychology
PSYCH564Psychology of Organizations
PSYCH620Psychology of Personality
PSYCH625Human Factors Psychology
SALES565Customer Relationship Management
SOCIO423Methods of Social Research l
SOCIO562Study of Serial Murder
SOCWK330Social Work Research Methods and Analysis
SOCWK330Social Work Research Methods and Analysis
STAT100Statistical Literacy in the Age of Information
STAT325Introduction to Statistics
STAT325Introduction to Statistics
STAT340Biometrics l
STAT350Business and Economic Statistics l
STAT510Introductory Probability and Statistics l
STAT511Introductory Probability and Statistics ll
THTRE366Fundamentals of Theatre Management