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Kansas State University

Anatomy and Physiology

Frank Blecha, Department Head

Professors Blecha, Cash, Erickson, Freeman, Kenney, Marcus, Musch, Poole, Ross, Troyer, Wangemann, and Weiss; Associate Professors Klimek, Schultz, and Tamura; Assistant Professors Davis, Kukanich, and Kumari; Instructor Abel and Szladovits; Emeriti Professors Dunn, Fedde, Klemm, Upson, and Westfall.

The Department of Anatomy and Physiology presents courses in cell and systemic physiology, gross and microscopic anatomy, pharmacology, and neuroscience for students enrolled in either the veterinary medicine curriculum or graduate school.

Cardiovascular physiology, immunophysiology, neuroscience, and pharmacology—major research themes within the department—are supported with modern research facilities and state-of-the-art research equipment.