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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
ACCTG442Auditing 1
ANTH204A General Education Introduction To Cultural Anthropology
AVT340Human Factors In Aviation
CNRES529Understanding Trauma and Traumatic Stress
CNRES531Core Conflict Resolution
COMM320Theories In Human Communication
COMM326Small Group Discussion Methods
ECED310Early Childhood
ECON110Principles Of Macroeconomics
ECON120Principles Of Microeconomics
ECON510Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON520Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON524Sports Economics
ECON530Money And Banking
ECON540Managerial Economics
ECON595Prb/Economics - Top/Vary By Student
ECON599Topics In Economics
EDCEP103Healthful And Safe College Life
FNDH517Communication Competencies in Dietetics Practicum
FNDH560Mgmt In Dietetics
GEOL125Natural Disasters
GERON315Introduction To Gerontology
GERON710Creativity and Aging
HDFS110Introduction to Human Development
HDFS302Introduction to Human Sexuality
HDFS350Family Relationships and Gender Roles
HDFS510Human Development and Aging
HDFS550Family Theory & Science
HDFS580Human Development Family Science Internship
HDFS585Professional Seminar in Human Development and Family Science
KIN591Psychology Of Exercise And Sport Injury
KIN612Policy, Built Environment and Physical Activity
KIN616Obesity and Physical Activity: Behavioral, Environment, and Policy Influences
LAR430Narratives and Placemaking Studio
LEAD450Senior Seminar In Leadership
MANGT420Principles of Mangt
MANGT420Principles of Mangt
MANGT430Business Law I
MANGT596Business Ethics and Corporate Citizenship
MANGT596Business Ethics and Corporate Citizenship
MC120Principles Of Advertising
MC180Principles of Public Relations
MKTG400Introduction to Marketing
MKTG544International Marketing
MKTG546Services Marketing
MKTG880Applied Marketing Analy
PFP105Introduction To Personal Financial Planning
POLSC110Introduction To Political Science
POLSC115U. S. Politics
POLSC135Introduction To Comparative Politics
POLSC145World Politics
POLSC499Honors Project
PSYCH110General Psychology
PSYCH202Drugs And Behavior
PSYCH499Honors Project
PSYCH520Lifespan Personality Development
PSYCH535Social Psychology
PSYCH599Prb/Psychology - Top/Cognit Pro
PSYCH599Prb/Psychology - Top/Indust Psy
PSYCH599Prb/Psychology - Top/Perception
PSYCH599Prb/Psychology - Top/Person Soc
PSYCH599Prb/Psychology - Top/Physiol Psych
SALES542Fundamentals of Professional Selling
SALES560Sales Force Leadership
SOCIO211Introduction To Sociology
SOCIO363Global Problems
SOCIO463Gangs in American Society
SOCIO500Contemporary Issues - Top/Sex Crimes & Society
SOCIO567Pre-Internship Orientation
SOCIO568Criminology And Sociology Internship
SOCIO569Criminology And Sociology Professional Seminar
SOCWK100Social Work: The Helping Profession
SOCWK315Human Behavior in the Social Environment 1
SOCWK320Dynamics of Working with Older Adults