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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
AGRON405Internship In Agronomy
ARCH507Architectural Internship, Part C
AVT361Airport Environmental Studies
AVT420Aviation Accident Investigation
BUS315Supervisory Management
CIS415Ethics and Conduct for Computing Professionals
CNRES531Core Conflict Resolution
COMM311Business And Professional Speaking
COMM465Communication and Conflict
COT480Professional Conduct, Ethics, and Analysis
ECED420Interaction Techniques With Young Children
EDCEP111University Experience
EDCEP315Educational Psychology
EDCI320Core Teaching Skills
EDCI320Core Teaching Skills
EDSEC620Principles & Philosophy of Career & Technical Education
EDSP324Exceptional Child In The Regular Classroom
FASH350Our Sustainable World: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities
FNDH515Counseling Strategies In Dietetic Practice
FNDH560Mgmt In Dietetics
GWSS105Introduction to Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
HDFS580Human Development Family Science Internship
HDFS585Professional Seminar in Human Development and Family Science
HM275Hospitality Work Experience I
HM275Hospitality Work Experience I
HM375Hospitality Work Experience II
HM375Hospitality Work Experience II
HM475Internship in Hosp Mgmt
HM475Internship in Hosp Mgmt
HORT540Horticulture Therapy Field Experiences
HORT590Horticulture Internship
HORT591Small Farm Practicum
IARC409Materials And Finishes
ID350Our Sustainable World: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities
KIN310Measurement And Research Techniques In Kinesiology
KIN310Measurement And Research Techniques In Kinesiology
KIN591Psychology Of Exercise And Sport Injury
LEAD405Leadership In Practice
LEAD450Senior Seminar In Leadership
MANGT430Business Law I
MANGT596Business Ethics and Corporate Citizenship
MANGT596Business Ethics and Corporate Citizenship
PHILO115Introduction To Philosophy Of Religion
PLAN315Introduction to City Planning
PPIL112Professional Instrument Pilot
PPIL210Aviation Safety
PPIL211Professional Commercial Pilot
PPIL387Crew Resource Management I
PPIL482Certified Instrument Flight Instructor Ground School
PSYCH587Field Placement
SOCIO569Criminology And Sociology Professional Seminar
SPAN531Professional Spanish: Health and Human Services
UAS270Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems
WOEM570Internship for Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management