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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
AMETH160Introduction To American Ethnic Studies
AMETH352American Indian Perspectives
AMETH353Latina/o Perspectives - Top/Freedom Struggles
AMETH560Top/Amer Ethnic Stdy - Top/Race, Sex, & Scifi
AMETH560Top/Amer Ethnic Stdy - Top/US Latin@ Social Struggles
COMM535Communication And Leadership
DAS152Advanced English Writing I
DAS153Advanced English Reading I for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS154Advanced English Listening I for Non-native Speakers of English
ECED428Exceptional Development In Early Childhood
EDCI110Foundations of Education
EDSP323Exceptional Student In The Secondary School
EDSP324Exceptional Child In The Regular Classroom
ENGL285Introduction to American Ethnic Literatures
GEOG310Geography of Kansas
GERON315Introduction To Gerontology
GWSS105Introduction to Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
GWSS505IS/GWSS - Top/Vary By Student
HDFS110Introduction to Human Development
HDFS510Human Development and Aging
HORT540Horticulture Therapy Field Experiences
IARC664Summer Internship
IARC665Summer Internship Report
KIN220Biobehavioral Bases Of Physical Activity
LEAD212Introduction To Leadership Concepts
LEAD350Culture And Context In Leadership
MUSIC420History Of Jazz
PPIL290Multi-Engine Crew Coordination
PPIL387Crew Resource Management I
PSYCH587Field Placement
SOCIO211Introduction To Sociology
SOCIO361Criminal Justice System
SOCIO463Gangs in American Society
SOCWK315Human Behavior in the Social Environment 1
SOCWK320Dynamics of Working with Older Adults