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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
ACCTG331Intermediate Accounting Processes
ACCTG342Taxation 1
ACCTG413Accounting Information Systems
ACCTG432Managerial Reporting
ACCTG433Financial Reporting
ACCTG442Auditing 1
ACCTG641Accounting Theory And History
ACCTG642Accounting Research and Communication
AERO410Aerospace Studies/Regional Studies,Defense Policy
AGCOM590New Media Technology
AGCOM610Crisis Communication
AGEC120Agricultural Economics And Agribusiness
AGEC121Honors Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
AGEC308Farm And Ranch Management
AGEC318Food And Agribusiness Management
AGEC500Production Economics
AGEC505Agricultural Market Structures
AGEC525Natural Resource And Environmental Economics
AGEC598Farm Management Strategy
ANTH200Introduction To Cultural Anthropology
ANTH204A General Education Introduction To Cultural Anthropology
ANTH210Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Honors
ANTH220Introduction To Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH260Introduction To Archaeology
ANTH260Introduction To Archaeology
ANTH501Proficiency Developm - Top/Archaeol Assist
ANTH501Proficiency Developm - Top/Cult Anth Assist
ANTH501Proficiency Developm - Top/Ling Anth Assist
ANTH501Proficiency Developm - Top/Phys Anth Assist
ANTH503Arch Fact Or Fiction
ANTH524Immigrant America
ANTH634South American Indians
AT330Dress and Human Behavior
AVT340Human Factors In Aviation
BUS110Introduction To Business
CNRES529Understanding Trauma and Traumatic Stress
CNRES531Core Conflict Resolution
CNRES532Conflict Resolution Across Cultures & Contexts
CNRES533Prevention & Intervention Of Violence
COMM320Theories In Human Communication
COMM322Interpersonal Communication
COMM322Interpersonal Communication
COMM325Argumentation And Debate
COMM326Small Group Discussion Methods
COMM425Theories Of Organizational Communication
COMM434Rhetoric And Social Movements
COMM435Political Communication
COMM542Relational Communication
ECED310Early Childhood
ECED466Language Development
ECED566Emergent Literacy
ECON110Principles Of Macroeconomics
ECON110Principles Of Macroeconomics
ECON120Principles Of Microeconomics
ECON120Principles Of Microeconomics
ECON499Honors Project
ECON510Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON520Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON521Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
ECON524Sports Economics
ECON530Money And Banking
ECON530Money And Banking
ECON536Comparative Economics
ECON540Managerial Economics
ECON555Urban And Regional Economics
ECON595Prb/Economics - Top/Vary By Student
ECON605Economic Applications of Game Theory and Strategic Behavior
ECON630Introduction to Econometrics
ECON631Principles Of Transportation
ECON681International Econ
ECON682Development Economic
ECON686Economic Forecasting
ECON690Monetary, Credit, and Fiscal Policies
EDCEP103Healthful And Safe College Life
EDCEP120Academic And Career Decisions
EDCEP202Career And Life Planning
EDCEP312Sexual Health Awareness Peer Education (SHAPE)
EDCEP525Interpersonal Relations In The Schools
EDEL462Teaching Social Studies: K-6
EDSEC528Social Studies Colloquium
EDSEC544Social Studies Methods for Secondary and Middle Schools
FNDH110Introduction to Public Health
FNDH120Introduction To Athletic Training
FNDH121Introduction To Athletic Training Lab
FNDH560Management In Dietetics
FNDH600Public Health Nutrition
FSHS110Introduction To Human Development
FSHS110Introduction To Human Development
FSHS301The Helping Relationship
FSHS301The Helping Relationship
FSHS302Introduction To Human Sexuality
FSHS350Family Relationships And Gender Roles
FSHS375Introduction to Research Methods in Family Studies and Human Services
FSHS506Middle Childhood And Adolescence
FSHS510Human Development And Aging
FSHS510Human Development And Aging
FSHS550The Family
FSHS552Families And Diversity
FSHS580FSHS Internship
FSHS585Prof Sem/FSHS - Top/Family Life Educ
FSHS670Working With Parents
FSHS670Working With Parents
GENAG582Natural Resources/Environmental Sciences Project
GEOG100World Regional Geography
GEOG200Human Geography
GEOG300Geography Of Tourism
GEOG310Geography Of Kansas
GEOG508Geographic Information Systems 1
GEOL125Natural Disasters
GERON315Introduction To Gerontology
GNHE310Human Needs
GWSS550Women and Popular Culture
HM621Hospitality Law
HORT791Urban Agriculture
HORT791Urban Agriculture
IAPD435Iapd Design Studio 3
ID210Design And Behavior In The Interior Environment
KIN110Intro to Public Health
KIN345Exercise Behavioral Science
KIN602Social Structural Determinants of Physical Activity
KIN610Program Planning and Evaluation
KIN612Policy, Built Environment and Physical Activity
KIN614Physical Activity Behavior Settings: Youth Sport to Senior Centers
KIN655Individual Physical Activity Promotion
LEAD320Theories of Leadership
LEAD399Internships for Career Development
LEAD450Senior Seminar In Leadership
MANGT390Business Law 1
MANGT420Management Concepts
MANGT420Management Concepts
MANGT520Organizational Behavior
MANGT530Industrial And Labor Relations
MANGT531Human Resources Management
MANGT535Employment Law
MANGT560Management Of Diversity In The Workplace
MANGT596Business Ethics and Corporate Citizenship
MANGT623Compensation And Performance Management
MANGT633Advanced Human Resource Management
MC120Principles Of Advertising
MC576Mass Communications and Political Campaigns
MC585Media Management
MKTG400Introduction to Marketing
MKTG400Introduction to Marketing
MKTG450Consumer Behavior
MKTG542Fundamentals of Professional Selling
MKTG544International Marketing
MKTG550Business Marketing
MKTG560Sales Force Leadership
MKTG580Business Intelligence for Strategic Decision Making
MKTG635Digital Marketing
MKTG690Marketing Management
MKTG880Advanced Business Intelligence for Strategic Decision Making
MLANG600Principles Of Linguistics: Language Structure and Language Use
PFP105Intro to PFP
PFP105Intro to PFP
PFP305Advanced Personal Financial Planning
PFP310Family And Consumer Economics
POLSC110Introduction To Political Science
POLSC110Introduction To Political Science
POLSC115U. S. Politics
POLSC135Introduction To Comparative Politics
POLSC301Introduction To Political Thought
POLSC321Kansas Politics And Government
POLSC333World Politics
POLSC355Contemporary Issues
POLSC400Political Inquiry And Analysis
POLSC499Honors Project
POLSC507Introduction To Public Administration
POLSC540Global Security Threats
POLSC541Politics of the World Economy
POLSC543American Foreign Policy
POLSC605The American Presidency
POLSC638Ethnic Conflict
POLSC647International Law
POLSC655International Politics Of Latin America
POLSC663Political Thought/Since The 16th Century
PSYCH110General Psychology
PSYCH110General Psychology
PSYCH110General Psychology
PSYCH202Drugs And Behavior
PSYCH280Psychology Of Childhood And Adolescence
PSYCH370Brain and Behavior
PSYCH400Practicum In Teaching Psychology
PSYCH425Judgement & Decision Making
PSYCH460Cognitive Psychology
PSYCH499Honors Project
PSYCH505Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH505Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH520Lifespan Personality Development
PSYCH535Social Psychology
PSYCH560Industrial Psychology
PSYCH580Psychology Of Sexual Behavior
PSYCH599Prb/Psychology - Top/Cognit Pro
PSYCH599Prb/Psychology - Top/Indust Psy
PSYCH599Prb/Psychology - Top/Perception
PSYCH599Prb/Psychology - Top/Person Soc
PSYCH599Prb/Psychology - Top/Physiol Psych
PSYCH599Prb/Psychology - Top/Psych Ohp
PSYCH599Problems In Psychology
PSYCH620Psychology Of Personality
PSYCH625Engineering Psychology
SOCIO211Introduction To Sociology
SOCIO360Social Problems
SOCIO363Global Problems
SOCIO423Methods Of Social Research 1
SOCIO431Comparative Social Theories
SOCIO460Youth and Crime
SOCIO463Gangs in American Society
SOCIO480Prisons and Punishment
SOCIO500Contemporary Issues - Top/Courts & Sentencing
SOCIO500Contemporary Issues - Top/Technocrime/Secur/Society
SOCIO533Rural Sociology
SOCIO536Environmental Sociology
SOCIO538Sociology of Culture
SOCIO540Sexuality and Society
SOCIO545The Sociology Of Women
SOCIO567Pre-Internship Orientation
SOCIO568Criminology And Sociology Internship
SOCIO569Criminology And Sociology Professional Seminar
SOCIO665Women And Crime
SOCWK100Social Work: The Helping Profession
SOCWK100Social Work: The Helping Profession
SOCWK315Human Behavior in the Social Environment 1
SOCWK315Human Behavior in the Social Environment 1
SOCWK320Dynamics of Working with Older Adults
SOCWK525Human Beh/Soc Env 2