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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
AGEC220Grain And Livestock Marketing Systems
AGEC315Contemporary Issues in Global Food and Agricultural Systems
AGEC570Food Manufacturing, Distribution, And Retailing Economics
AGEC599Food And Agribusiness Management Strategy
AGEC710Comparative Food And Agriculture Systems
AGRON502Intl Exper in Agron - Top/Art & Ag of Ukraine
AGRON502Intl Exper in Agron - Top/Intl Exper in Ecuador
AGRON685Tropical Soil Management
AMETH450Comparative Ethnic Studies - Top/The Political Body
ANTH200Introduction To Cultural Anthropology
ANTH204A General Education Introduction To Cultural Anthropology
ANTH608Asian Religions
ARAB102Arabic II
ARAB301Arabic IV
ARCH325Environmental Design And Society
ASI660Study Abroad/Animal Science - Top/Animal Ind & Ag Tour Japan
AT350Our Sustainable World: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities
AT350Our Sustainable World: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities
AT600Global Apparel And Textile Supply Chain Management
AVT480Airport Global Networks
BUS315Supervisory Management
CHINE101Chinese 1
CHINE102Chinese 2
CHINE301Chinese IV
CHINE599SS in Chinese - Top/Chinese 6
CHINE599Special Studies In Chinese
CLSCS549Special Studies in Classics
CNRES536Conflict/Trauma Internatl Set - Top/Peace & Conflict N Ireland
COMM480Intercultural Communication
COMM480Intercultural Communication
DANCE350West African Styles of Social Dance and Music
DAS151Advanced English Speaking I for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS152Advanced English Writing I
DAS153Advanced English Reading I for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS154Advanced English Listening I for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS162Advanced English Writing II for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS163Advanced English Reading II for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS164Advanced English Listening II for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS165Advanced English Speaking II for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS166Advanced English Writing III for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS455Violence, Nonviolence and Social Change
DAS507Senior Research In Latin American Studies
DAS525Senior Research In International Studies
DAS555Themes Nonviol Studies - Top/Restore Crim Justice Prac
ECE590Senior Design Experience I
ECED310Early Childhood
ECED310Early Childhood
ECED597Home, School, And Community Partnerships
ECON110Principles Of Macroeconomics
ECON110Principles Of Macroeconomics
ECON580Senior Seminar In Economics
ECON681International Economics
ECON684International Finance and Open Economy Macroeconomics
EDEL414Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
ENGL580Selected World Literature
ENTOM312General Entomology
FDSCI660Study Abroad/Food Science - Top/Italy Food Process/Tasting
FNDH600Public Health Nutrition
FNDH600Public Health Nutrition
FREN101French I
FREN102French II
FREN201French III
FREN301French IV
FREN301French IV
FREN503French Composition And Grammar
FREN512Fren/Fran Cinema - Top/Film & Stage in French Cin
FREN515History of French Culture
FREN519Special Studies In French
GENAG225Fundamentals of Global Food Systems Leadership
GENAG505Comparative Ag - Top/Ag Industry Czech Republic
GENAG505Comparative Agriculture
GENAG690Seminar in International Agriculture
GENBA675International Business Experience
GEOG100World Regional Geog
GEOG100World Regional Geog
GEOG200Human Geography
GEOG300Geography Of Tourism
GEOG332Introduction To China
GEOG340Natural Resources
GEOG340Natural Resources
GEOG620Mexico, Central America and Caribbean
GEOL115Environmental Geology
GEOL540Geologic Record of Climate Change
GRMN101German I
GRMN102German II
GRMN201German III
GRMN301German IV
GRMN527Advanced German Conversation
GRMN529Special Studies In German
GRSC101Introduction To Grain Science And Industry
GRSC651Food And Feed Product Protection
HINDI102Hindi II
HIST101Western Civilization:The Rise Of Europe
HIST102Western Civilization:The Modern Era
HIST111World History To 1450
HIST112World Hist From 1450
HIST510World War I
HIST520Death And Dying In History
HIST562Modern Mexico
HIST565History And Culture Of Greece
HIST567Europe In The Middle Ages
HIST578Central Europe, 1500-1914
HIST588Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
HIST597Top/European History - Top/Gender&Sex in Greece&Rome
HIST598Top/Non-Western Hist - Top/20thC islamic Idea: M East
HM230Issues In Tourism
HORT595Horticulture Study Abroad
ID350Our Sustainable World: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities
ITAL102Italian II
ITAL301Italian IV
JAPAN101Japanese I
JAPAN102Japanese II
JAPAN301Japanese IV
KIN610Program Planning and Evaluation
LAR322Environ Issues & Ethics
LATIN102Latin II
LATIN302Intermediate Latin-Poetry - Top/Virgil
LEAD225Fundamentals of Global Food Systems Leadership
LEAD252Honors Leadership II
LEAD350Culture And Context In Leadership
LEAD489Seminar in International Service-Learning
MANGT590International Management
MANGT662Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Design
MC572Global Mass Communication
MKTG544International Marketing
MKTG547International Business
MLANG398Studies in Foreign Language
MLANG398Studies in Foreign Language - Top/Intermed Span/Costa Rica
MLANG499Honors Project
MSCI302Leading Small Military Organizations 2
MSCI351Military Leadership Studies And Practical Applications
MSCI402Transition To Lieutenant
MSCI501Advanced Transition To Lieutenant 1
MSCI502Advanced Transition To Lieutenant 2
MUSIC249Introduction to Music of the World
NE495Elements Of Nuclear Engineering
PHILO336Global Justice
PLAN215World Cities
PLAN667Transportation Planning
POLSC110Introduction To Political Science
POLSC135Introduction To Comparative Politics
POLSC333World Politics
POLSC524Political Islam
POLSC549International Defense Strategies
POLSC647International Law
RUSSN102Russian II
RUSSN301Russian IV
SOCIO363Global Problems
SOCIO431Comparative Social Theories
SOCIO507International Development and Social Change
SOCIO633Gender, Power And Development
SPAN101Spanish I
SPAN102Spanish II
SPAN201Spanish III
SPAN301Spanish IV
SPAN410Spanish Composition And Grammar
SPAN410Spanish Composition And Grammar
SPAN420Spanish Conversation
SPAN421Listening Skills
SPAN670Advanced Spanish Grammar