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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
AGEC710Comparative Food And Agriculture Systems
ANTH204A General Education Introduction To Cultural Anthropology
BUS315Supervisory Management
CHINE101Chinese 1
CHINE102Chinese 2
CLSCS549Spec Studies Classics - Top/Vary Title by Student
DAS152Advanced English Writing I
DAS153Advanced English Reading I for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS154Advanced English Listening I for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS525Senior Research In International Studies
ECED310Early Childhood
ECON110Principles Of Macroeconomics
ENTOM312General Entomology
FASH350Our Sustainable World: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities
FREN103Beginning Accelerated French
FREN301French IV
GEOG100World Geography & Globalization
GRMN301German IV
HIST514World War 2
HIST544U.S. and World Affairs since 1920
HIST598Top/Non-Western Hist - Top/Churchill & Brit Empire
ID350Our Sustainable World: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities
JAPAN101Japanese I
KIN612Policy, Built Environment and Physical Activity
LEAD350Culture And Context In Leadership
MANGT662Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Design
MKTG544International Marketing
PLAN667Transportation Planning
POLSC110Introduction To Political Science
POLSC135Introduction To Comparative Politics
POLSC145World Politics
SOCIO363Global Problems
SPAN101Spanish I
SPAN102Spanish II
SPAN300Spanish III
SPAN301Spanish IV
SPAN531Professional Spanish: Health and Human Services
SPAN575Introduction to Spanish Translation