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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
ARCH274Digital Architecture I
ART102Ceramics for Non-majors
ART106Art Appreciation
ART300SS/In Art - Top/Color/Abst in Paint/Draw
ART300SS/In Art - Top/Digital Ceramics
ART303Graphic Design
ART304Digital Illustration
AVM121Aircraft Drawings
CHINE101Chinese 1
CHINE102Chinese 2
CLSCS105Medical Terminology: Latin and Greek for Scientists
CLSCS549Spec Studies Classics - Top/Vary Title by Student
COMM311Business And Professional Speaking
COMM330Rhetoric In Western Thought
COMM535Communication And Leadership
DANCE205Dance As An Art Form
DIGME137Fundamentals of Visual Literacy
DIGME256Digital Literacy
EDEL270Arts for Elem Schools - Top/Art for Elementary Schools
ENGL220Fiction Into Film
ENGL253The Short Story
ENGL285Introduction to American Ethnic Literatures
ENGL302Technical Writing
ENGL395Top/English - Top/Books Teens Love
ENGL695Top/Literature - Top/Ghost Goth Monster
ENTOM302Art and Insects
ENVD201Environmental Design Studio 1
ENVD202Environmental Design Studio 2
FREN103Beginning Accelerated French
FREN301French IV
FREN530Topics in French/Francophone Literature and Culture
GERON710Creativity and Aging
GRMN301German IV
GRMN530German Cultural Studies And History
IARC409Materials And Finishes
IARC605Prb/IARC - Top/Design of Kitchens
IARC605Prb/IARC - Top/Happy You, Healthy You
IARC605Prb/IARC - Top/History of Women in Design
JAPAN101Japanese I
LAR430Narratives and Placemaking Studio
MUSIC100Introduction to Music Theory
MUSIC160Music Listening Laboratory
MUSIC170History of Rock and Roll
MUSIC172History of Country Music
MUSIC340Introduction to Film Music
MUSIC405Music For Elementary Teachers
MUSIC405Music For Elementary Teachers
SPAN101Spanish I
SPAN102Spanish II
SPAN300Spanish III
SPAN301Spanish IV
THTRE630Top/Theatre - Top/American Film
THTRE630Top/Theatre - Top/Film