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Course information for Spring 2023

The Official System of Record and Live Course Search is located in KSIS - K-State Course Search

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Plan your schedule online with a quick reference to closed courses.

Course schedule

K-State's schedule of courses by college and department with instructions.

Closed course list

A quick reference to closed courses.

K-State 8 course list

List of K-State 8 courses by area.

Online courses

Online courses can also be found by:

To view the list of programs/courses ('Z' sections) supported by K-State Global Campus refer to the following website:

To view a full list of ALL K-State Distance/Online course offerings we recommend using the K-State Course Search 

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To view a course(s) affiliated with Intersession you can search via several options.

Students may search for Intersession classes at any time, from anywhere using the K-State Global Campus Class Search.

    1. Under the Advanced Search section, next to "Term," select " Limit results to courses during:" and pick the Intersession you are interested in from the drop-down listing.
    2. Use the other criteria (College, Credit Level, General Education, and Online or Completely accessible from home) to narrow down the search if desired.
    3. Click on the "Search" button to list the results.
    4. Write down the five-digit class number to use when enrolling in n KSIS.

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KSIS Course Search - Intersession


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