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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
ACCTG641Intermediate Accounting and Analytics III
AGEC410Agricultural Policy
AGEC470Cooperative Management
AGEC632Agribusiness Logistics
AGED620Principles and Philosophy in Agriculture and Career and Technical Education
AMETH160Introduction Tt American Ethnic Studies
AMETH351African Amer Perspect - Top/Sex,HIV/AIDS & Black Comm
ANTH260Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH260Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH280Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANTH280Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANTH383Plagues: the Co-Evolutionary History of Humans and Pathogens
ARCH301Appreciation of Architecture
ARCH350History of the Designed Environment III
ART102Ceramics for Non-majors
ART195Survey of Western Art History I
ART545Twentieth Century Art History I: Post-Impressionism to Cubism
ART568Alternative Processes in Photography
ART602Twentieth Century Art History III: Abstract Expressionism to Pop Art
ART622Baroque Art History
ASI405Fundamentals of Milk Processing
AVT100Introduction to Aviation
AVT250Safety and Security of Airport Ground Operations
BME200Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
CLSCS501Classical Literature in Translation
CNS110History of Building and Construction
COMM330Rhetoric in Western Thought
DANCE205Dance As an Art Form
DAS300The Great Conversation: Primary Text Certificate Core Course
ECED410Introduction to Early Childhood Education
EDCI110Foundations of Education
EDEL462Teaching Social Studies: K-6
EDSEC528Social Studies Colloquium III
EDSEC620Principles & Philosophy of Career & Technical Education
ENGL287Great Books
ENGL297Honors Introduction to the Humanities I
ENGL350Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGL361British Survey I
ENGL362British Survey II
ENGL382American Survey II
ENGL490Development of the English Language
ENGL630Rdg/Romantic Move - Top/Child/Dickens
ENGL650Readings In Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature
ENVD250History of the Designed Environment I
ENVD650Italian, Art, History and Culture
FASH430History of Fashion: Renaissance to Present
FREN515History of French Culture
FREN521Introduction to French Literature (Medieval to 18th Century)
GEOG100World Geography & Globalization
GEOG100World Geography & Globalization
GEOG310Geography of Kansas
GEOL100Earth in Action
GEOL100Earth in Action
GEOL102Earth Through Time
GERON510Aging in America: Policy and Advocacy
GRMN521Intro Topics In German Literature & Culture 18th/19th Cent
GRMN526Business German
GRMN529Special Studies in German
GWSS325Queer Studies/Concepts, History, and Politics
GWSS405Resistance and Movements for Social Change
HIST101Western Civilization I: Ancient Greece to Early Modern Europe
HIST102Western Civilization II: Europe in the Modern World
HIST111World History to 1450
HIST112World Hist From 1450
HIST151History of the United States to 1877
HIST152History of the United States Since 1877
HIST155U.S. Military History Since 1775
HIST301Topics in History - Top/Mental Illness US Hist
HIST303Latin American History and Civilization
HIST320History of Technology
HIST498Senior Thesis
HIST499Honors Project
HIST509Japan Since 1550
HIST510World War I
HIST515History of Sport
HIST520Death and Dying In History
HIST526The American Revolution
HIST558History of Kansas
HIST572Nineteenth-Century Europe
HIST595French Revolution 1789-1815
HIST650Internship in History
HM120Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
HORT300Plants and Society
IARC416History of Furniture
ID320History of Interior Design I
MANGT530Labor Relations and Negotiations
MC110Mass Communication in Society
MUSIC170History of Rock and Roll
MUSIC172History of Country Music
MUSIC220Top/In Music - Top/Keyboard
MUSIC220Top/In Music - Top/Music Education
MUSIC220Top/In Music - Top/Strings
MUSIC220Top/In Music - Top/Theory, Hist & Composition
MUSIC220Top/In Music - Top/Voice
MUSIC220Top/In Music - Top/Wind & Percussion
MUSIC245Introduction to American Music
MUSIC250Introduction to Music
MUSIC311Women in Music
MUSIC340Introduction to Film Music
MUSIC405Music For Elementary Teachers
MUSIC405Music For Elementary Teachers
MUSIC420History of Jazz
MUSIC530Music History 1 Ancient Greece Through 1700
MUSIC532Music History 3 1850 To The Present
MUSIC650History Of The Opera
PHILO501Perspectives on Science
PLAN315Introduction to City Planning
PLAN315Introduction to City Planning
PLAN640Urban Design and Development
POLSC115U. S. Politics
POLSC321Kansas Politics And Government
POLSC343American Foreign Policy
POLSC614Constitutional Law
SOCIO510Social Welfare as A Social Institution
SOCIO531Urban Sociology
SOCWK100Social Work: The Helping Profession
SOCWK100Social Work: The Helping Profession
SOCWK380Social Work and Intimate Partner Violence
SOCWK510Social Welfare as a Social Institution
SOCWK510Social Welfare as a Social Institution
SPAN302Spanish IV for Heritage Speakers
SPAN550Hispanic Readings and Media
SPAN560Cultures of the Spanish-speaking World: U.S. Latinx
SPAN566Cultures of the Spanish-speaking World: Spanish America
SPAN567Cultures of the Spanish-speaking World: Transatlantic
THTRE270Introduction to Theatre
THTRE573History of Theatre ll
UAS270Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems
WOEM570Internship for Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management