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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
AERO310Officer Leadership Studies 3a
AGCOM610Crisis Communication
AGEC202Small Business Operations
AMETH160Introduction To American Ethnic Studies
AMETH351African American Perspectives - Top/African American Film
AMETH351African American Perspectives - Top/Liberation Theology
AMETH352Amer Indian Persp - Top/Mad Love & Conscious Beats
AMETH460Independent Reading And Research In American Ethnic Studies
AMETH560Top/Amer Ethnic Stdy - Top/Pop Culture Mex America
AMETH660Independent Reading And Research In American Ethnic Studies
ANTH220Introduction To Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH524Immigrant America
ANTH650Anth Future/Apocalypse/Hope
AVT100Introduction to Aviation
COMM322Interpersonal Communication
COMM322Interpersonal Communication
COMM323Nonverbal Communication
COMM480Intercultural Communication
COMM535Communication And Leadership
DAS151Advanced English Speaking I for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS152Advanced English Writ I - Top/Speaking
DAS152Advanced English Writ I - Top/Writing
DAS152Advanced English Writing I
DAS153Advanced English Reading I for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS154Advanced English Listening If for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS162Advanced English Writing II for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS163Advanced English Reading II for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS164Advanced English Listening II for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS165Advanced English Speaking II for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS166Advanced English Writing III for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS175Business Communications for Non-Native Speakers
ECED597Home, School, And Community Partnerships
EDEL310Foundations Of Education
EDEL414Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
EDSEC310Foundations Of Educations
EDSEC455Teaching In A Multicultural Society
EDSEC621Prg Pln Career/Tc Ed - Top/Business
EDSP323Exceptional Student In The Secondary School
EDSP324Exceptional Child In The Regular Classroom
ENGL270American Literature
ENGL285Introduction to American Ethnic Literatures
ENGL387American Indian Literatures
ENGL435Linguistics For Teachers Of English
FSHS110Introduction To Human Development
FSHS110Introduction To Human Development
FSHS301The Helping Relationship
FSHS301The Helping Relationship
FSHS510Human Development And Aging
FSHS510Human Development And Aging
FSHS552Families And Diversity
FSHS670Working With Parents
FSHS670Working With Parents
GEOG310Geography Of Kansas
GERON315Introduction To Gerontology
GRSC530Management Applications In Grain Processing Industries
GWSS105Introduction to Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
GWSS300Select Studies of GWSS - Top/Interspecies Intersection
GWSS305Advanced Fundamentals of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
GWSS321Latina's Life Stories
GWSS350Gender in American Film
GWSS505IS/GWSS - Top/Vary By Student
GWSS510Research Methods in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
HIST251History Of The United States To 1877
HIST252History Of The United States Since 1877
HIST522Religion In American History
HIST523A History Of The Occult And Witchcraft
HIST525Colonial America
HIST527The Early National Period
HIST531The United States In The Twentieth Century
HIST533Top/Hist Of Americas - Top/Lost Communities
HIST533Top/Hist Of Americas - Top/Manifest Dest
HIST533Top/Hist Of Americas - Top/Progressive Era
HIST540Women In America, 1600 To The Civil War
HIST558History Of Kansas
HIST589Lost Kansas Communities
HORT190Pre-Internship In Horticulture
ID651Designing Supportive Environments
IMSE623Industrial Ergonomics
KIN220Biobehavioral Bases Of Physical Activity
LAR433History and Theory of Landscape Architecture
LEAD212Introduction To Leadership Concepts
LEAD251Honors Leadership I
LEAD350Culture And Context In Leadership
LEAD499Nonprofit Organization Internship
MANGT520Organizational Behavior
MANGT531Human Resources Management
MANGT560Management Of Diversity In The Workplace
MANGT633Advanced Human Resource Management
MC612Gender Issues And The Media
MKTG450Consumer Behavior
MSCI206Leaders Training Course
MUSIC245Introduction To American Music
MUSIC420History Of Jazz
PLAN660Community Development Planning
PMC110Environmental Education and Leadership
POLSC355Contemporary Issues
POLSC507Introduction To Public Administration
PPIL290Multi-Engine Crew Coordination
PPIL387Crew Resource Management I
PSYCH556Multicultural Psychology
PSYCH580Psychology Of Sexual Behavior
PSYCH586Laboratory In Clinical Concepts
PSYCH587Field Placement
SOCIO211Introduction To Sociology
SOCIO361Criminal Justice System
SOCIO362Police And Society
SOCIO463Gangs in American Society
SOCIO480Prisons and Punishment
SOCIO510Social Welfare As A Social Institution
SOCIO540Sexuality and Society
SOCIO545The Sociology Of Women
SOCIO665Women And Crime
SOCWK315Human Behavior in the Social Environment 1
SOCWK315Human Behavior in the Social Environment 1
SOCWK320Dynamics of Working with Older Adults
SOCWK510Social Welfare As A Social Institution
SOCWK510Social Welfare As A Social Institution
SPAN302Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPAN560Introduction to U.S. Latino/a Literature and Culture in Spanish
THTRE665Drama Therapy With Special Populations