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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
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    People Eligible for Resident Tuition

    1. Residents
    Guidelines for the determination of residency for tuition purposes are set forth in Appendix D, Residency Rules and Regulations, of the Policy and Procedures Manual for the Kansas Board of Regents along with referenced Kansas Statutes and Administrative Regulations.

    2. Employees
    a. Employees for universities under the Kansas Board of Regents, other than hourly student employees, working four-tenths time or more as follows:

    For fall semesters: Employed September 1 through November 17.

    For spring semesters: Employed February 1 through April 17.

    For summer semesters: Employed the duration or employed from February 1 through April 17.

    Exceptions to the above requirements can be made for the semester in which a graduate degree is awarded.

    b. Employees of the federal government given adjunct appointments at Kansas State University or assigned to one of the ROTC units at K-State.

    3. Military
    a. Military personnel stationed and living in Kansas and military personnel assigned to K-State as full-time students.

    b. People who are domiciliary residents of the state, who were in active military service prior to becoming domiciliary residents of the state, who were present in the state for a period of not less than two years during their tenure in active military service, whose domiciliary residence was established in the state within 30 days of discharge or retirement from active military service under honorable conditions, but whose domiciliary residence was not established in time to meet the residence duration requirement.

    4. Dependents
    Spouses and dependent children of full-time employees and military personnel defined above.

    5. Exchange students from Missouri
    Students eligible to pay resident fees at the University of Missouri who are enrolled in the following programs at Kansas State University: bachelor of architecture; B.S. in architectural engineering; B.S. in bakery science and management; B.S. in feed science and management; B.S. in horticultural therapy; bachelor of interior architecture; bachelor of landscape architecture; B.S. in milling science and management; M.S. and Ph.D. in grain science and industry.

    This privilege is granted in exchange for resident tuition for Kansas students who enroll in certain programs in Missouri. (Subject to limitation arbitrated by Kansas Board of Regents and Missouri Board of Education.)

    6. Kansas high school graduates
    Persons who are not domiciliary residents of Kansas, who have graduated from a high school accredited by the State Board of Education within six months of enrollment, who were domiciliary residents of Kansas at the time of graduation from high school or within 12 months prior to graduation from high school, and who are entitled to admission at a state educational institution pursuant to K.S.A. 72-116 and its amendments.

    7. Recruited/transferred employees
    People who have been recruited to full-time employment in Kansas or transferred to a Kansas location within the last 12 months and their dependents. Self-employed persons are not eligible for this resident tuition status.

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    dPayment of Tuition and Fees dSchedule of Fees for K-State at Salina dRefund Policy
    dSchedule of Fees dPeople Eligible for Resident Tuition   
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