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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
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    Payment of Tuition and Fees

    Unless a deferment is granted, students should pay the total amount of their semester tuition and fees by the due date on the statement of account they receive and should use a check for exact amount, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. A special handling fee is assessed for students who enroll after the start of classes and a 1.5% default charge is assessed for any balance billed but not paid by the due date.

    If the student's eligibility to receive financial aid is verifiable, the director of student financial assistance may authorize the deferment of payment of tuition and fees in accordance with the Board of Regents Policy and Procedures Manual (Chapter 2, Section E). The student's obligation to pay regularly assessed tuition and fees is not reduced by an approval to defer payment.

    1. Those students who have fulfilled the application requirements and whose awards have been made by the June packaging date, but whose aid has not been disbursed. Deferments may be granted only to the approved level of financial aid eligibility. The amount of tuition and fees over and above the anticipated financial aid award must be paid by the student.

    2. Veterans receiving benefits. Full tuition/fee deferment.

    3. International students. Full tuition/fee deferment.

    Returned checks
    Tuition and fee payment checks that are returned uncollectible by financial institutions will be subject to a $30 charge, in addition to all other fees.
    Withholding student records
    The university withholds students' academic records for nonpayment of tuition and fees, loans, and other appropriate charges and for no return of university property.

    Fee descriptions
    This fee is the student's contribution toward the costs of instruction and covers approximately 20 to 25 percent of the instructional costs.

    Privilege fees
    The Kansas State University privilege fee provides students with services, activities, and supplemental educational opportunities tailored to fulfill their academic and personal goals.

    Examples of privilege fees include:

    Educational Opportunity Fund
    This fee aids the academic achievement and progress of underrepresented K-State students.

    Student health
    For a description of the services provided by this fee, see the section on Lafene Health Center in this catalog.

    K-State Student Union repair and replacement
    This fee is used for repairs and replacements at the K-State Student Union.

    Recreation Complex expansion fee
    In 1991 a student referendum was passed allowing bonds to be issued to support the expansion of the Recreation Complex. This bond issue is to be retired by the continuation of part of the previously assessed fee for the retirement of the original construction bond indebtedness.

    Bramlage Coliseum repair and replacement fee
    1992 student legislation provided for the continuation of a portion of the debt retirement fee previously assessed for the Bramlage Coliseum bonds following their retirement in May of 1993.

    Library expansion fee
    In 1991 a student referendum was passed providing for a $5 million commitment by students to partially fund the expansion of the library. This commitment is to provide a bond issue to be retired, in part, by a continuation of student debt service fees which were previously assessed for the retirement of Bramlage and Holton Hall bonds.

    This fee is used for a range of student interests and activities.

    K-State Student Union
    This fee is used for the administration, support, and operation of the K-State Student Union.

    Student publications
    This fee supports the Collegian and Royal Purple.

    Recreational Services
    This fee supports the Recreation Complex (equipment, interior upkeep, supplies, etc.).

    This fee supports the student radio station (equipment, means of service to operate the station, recent upgrade of power wattage, etc.).

    This fee supports intercollegiate athletics.

    Fine arts
    This fee supports fine arts programming (theater, dance, music, art, etc.).

    Office of Student Activities and Services
    This fee was implemented to separate the administrative operating budget of the Student Governing Association and its entities from the student activity fee, thus removing it from competition with general student groups within the same funding pool.

    Union enhancement
    This fee will enable the K-State Student Union to expand the building and enhance and improve infrastructure deficiencies. The finished product will create an environment that will serve the needs of its customers much more efficiently.

    Programming fee
    This fee allows the Union Program Council to select a broad variety of events and attract current national talents to the campus.

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    dSchedule of Fees dPeople Eligible for Resident Tuition   
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