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    International Students

    See the Admission and International Student Center sections of this catalog.

    English Language Program
    Mary Wood, Director
    205 Fairchild

    The English Language Program offers intensive English courses primarily for international students who plan to enter degree programs at K-State. However, it also accepts students who wish to come for English instruction only.

    The program offers four levels of full-time intensive English. It also offers advanced part-time courses specifically for students who need support in English while taking classes in their degree field.

    Undergraduate applicants who are academically qualified but don't yet have the required English proficiency may be offered conditional admission. These students apply to the English Language Program and receive an I-20 form to cover both their English study and the time they will spend earning their degree. They study in the English Language Program until they earn the required TOEFL score or earn the recommendation of the program.

    The program also screens the English proficiency of incoming non-native speakers of English. Students with a TOEFL score between 550 and 600 are tested, and some are placed in ENGL 077 Written Communication for International Students or ENGL 078 Oral Communication for International Students.

    For other information and a brochure, write or e-mail the English Language Program at the addresses above.

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