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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
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    Scholastic Deficiencies

    Students are notified of their scholastic status by the appropriate academic deans from information supplied by the Registrar's Office. The scholastic record of each undergraduate is evaluated twice yearly, at the end of the fall semester and at the end of the spring semester. The student's scholastic status does not change as a result of work taken in summer semester or intersession.

    Students (excluding students in the College of Veterinary Medicine) are placed on academic warning or dismissal according to the following policy.

    Students who earn less than a 1.0 GPA in a given semester
    Students who earn less than a 1.0 GPA in any semester are considered to have neglected their academic responsibilities. The following policy applies:

    1. Any student (freshman or transfer) who earns less than a 1.0 semester GPA in his or her first semester at K-State will be dismissed.

    2. Any continuing student enrolled at K-State not dismissed by university academic standards policies but who earns less than a 1.0 semester GPA will have registration for the next semester withheld subject to review by the academic dean or the dean's representative(s).

    Academic warning
    1. Students who earn less than a 2.000 K-State semester or cumulative GPA will be placed on academic warning.

    2. Students will be automatically taken off academic warning when the cumulative K-State GPA reaches 2.000 in spring or fall end-of-semester grade posting.

    Academic dismissal
    1. Credit hours used to determine the appropriate threshold will include transfer hours accepted, all K-State graded hours, and miscellaneous hours completed.

    2. Credit hours used in calculating semester and cumulative grade point averages will include only K-State graded hours. Grades for courses accepted in transfer from another institution will not be used in the grade point average calculation.

    3. Students with a K-State cumulative GPA of 1.0 or greater will not be dismissed until they have accumulated at least 20 semester credit hours as defined in item 1. (Exception: A student who earns less than a 1.0 semester GPA in his or her first semester at K-State will be dismissed.)

    4. Students must be on academic warning the semester prior to dismissal. (Exception: A student who earns less than a 1.0 semester GPA in his or her first semester at K-State will be dismissed.)

    5. Students will be academically dismissed if their K-State cumulative GPA is below the following threshold values:

    Total hours accumulated* K-State GPA
    20-29 1.50
    30-45 1.75
    46-60 1.80
    61-75 1.85
    76-90 1.90
    91-105 1.95
    greater than 105 2.00
    *Defined in item 1 above

    6. Students who earn a K-State semester GPA of 2.200 or more on 12 or more graded hours (or the minimum grade point average established by the student's college, if higher) during the semester in question will not be dismissed.

    7. Students who neglect their academic responsibilities may be dismissed at any time on recommendation of the academic dean.

    8. Dismissed students will be readmitted only when approved for reinstatement by the academic standards committee of the college the students are attempting to enter. Normally students must wait at least two semesters before being considered for reinstatement and are on academic warning at the time of readmission.

    9. Students who have been dismissed or have had their registration withheld will receive a letter providing a contact person and information about reinstatement or enrollment procedures.

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