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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
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    University Faculty

    Services and Facilities

    K.M. Boone, Interim Head

    See faculty listing for the Department of Communications.

    In addition to its teaching and research program, the Department of Communications provides comprehensive communications and computer-based technology support and consultation for all offices, departments, and centers in K-State Research and Extension and the College of Agriculture.

    Our faculty have professional experience in editing and producing publications, creating graphic design, writing news releases, producing radio and television news and features, managing information systems, training to enhance communication and technology software skills, supporting the creation of distance education courses and enhancement of classroom technologies, and duplicating and distributing educational materials.

    Extension field operations
    Southwest Area Office
    Paul Hartman, Area Extension Director

    Professors Sloderbeck and Thompson; Associate Professors Hale and Young; Assistant Professors Alam and Dumler; Instructors Addison, Fidel, and Frisbie; Director Hartman; Emeriti: Professor Mann; Assistant Professor Blankenhagen.

    Northwest Area Office
    Reba White, Area Extension Director

    Associate Professors Barker and O'Brien; Assistant Professors Johnson and Stockton; Instructors Curry and Olson; Director White; Emeriti: Assistant Professor Mikesell and Overley.

    South Central Area Office
    J. D. McNutt, Area Extension Director

    Professor McNutt; Associate Professors Duncan and Phillips; Assistant Professor Paisley; Instructors Graber and Hinshaw; Emeriti: Professors Cox and Van Meter; Associate Professors Albright and McReynolds.

    Northeast Area Office
    James L. Lindquist, Area Extension Director

    Assistant Professor DeRouchey; Instructors Christian, Lubben, Mack, Nolting, and White-Huling; Director Lindquist; Emeriti: Professors Figurski, Francis, and Newsome; Associate Professor Mark and Utermoehlen; Instructor Krainbill.

    Southeast Area Office
    J. D. McNutt, Area Extension Director

    Professors Kilgore and Price; Assistant Professor Fogleman; Instructor Hinshaw; Emeriti: Professors Brazle, Lippert, Robbins, and Westmeyer; Associate Professor Appleby.

    County extension offices
    There are extension offices in each of the 105 counties.

    Topics within K-State Research and Extension:
    dAgricultural Experiment Station dYouth, Family, and Community Development dFood, Nutrition, Health, and Safety
    dExtension Agriculture and Natural Resources dFamily and Consumer Sciences dServices and Facilities
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