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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
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    Food, Nutrition, Health, and Safety

    Kansas is the nation's number one meat processor, number one producer of hard red wheat, number one flour miller, and number one producer of grain sorghum. The state also is a national leader in producing many other agricultural commodities.

    Such an important industry relies heavily on food safety and nutrition research and expertise at K-State. Many people are asking questions about food additives, livestock drugs, and crop and vegetable pesticides. The potential for food handling and processing errors has increased. As lifestyles become more urban, people are separated further from the food production system. Fewer citizens than ever understand how food is produced and processed, nor do people understand the government safeguards to maintain a safe food supply. Many do not know what constitutes a balanced diet. K-State Research and Extension scientists and extension personnel are working to insure a safe food supply from production to consumption; promote healthier and safer lives; and develop new, appealing food products.

    Human nutrition
    Denis Mederios, Head Mary L. Meck Higgins, State Leader

    See faculty listing for the Department of Human Nutrition.

    Food safety
    See faculty listing for the Department of Animal Science and Industry.

    Office of Community Health
    David A. Dzewaltowski, Extension Distinguished Professor

    Topics within K-State Research and Extension:
    dAgricultural Experiment Station dYouth, Family, and Community Development dFood, Nutrition, Health, and Safety
    dExtension Agriculture and Natural Resources dFamily and Consumer Sciences dServices and Facilities
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