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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
    About the Catalog
    About the University
    Glossary and Abbreviations
    Academic Advising
    dAssignment to Courses
    dCurriculum Change
    dRetake Policy
    dA/Pass/F Policy
    dCredit/No Credit Courses
    dCourse Attendance
    dWithdrawal From the University
    dAuditing Courses
    dPrep Week
    dFinal Examinations
    Tuition and Fees
    All-University Regulations
    Student Financial Assistance
    Services for Students
    Auxiliary Services and Facilities
    International Programs
    Secondary Majors
    Architecture, Planning, and Design
    Arts and Sciences
    Business Administration
    Human Ecology
    Technology and Aviation
    Veterinary Medicine
    Graduate School
    Intercollegiate Athletics
    K-State Research and Extension
    University Faculty

    Assignment to Courses

    Each student is responsible for fulfilling all requirements of the curriculum in which he or she is enrolled. The student should consult with his or her advisors and be familiar with the K-State Undergraduate Catalog.

    A catalog is given to each new student and copies are maintained for student use in the Office of Admissions, all deans' offices, Hale Library, and all departmental offices. Catalogs may also be purchased at the K-State Student Union Bookstore.

    No student is officially enrolled in courses or for private lessons in music or other subjects until enrollment is completed.

    A student may not enroll later than 10 class days after the beginning of a semester (five days for summer semester) except by permission of the dean. Students should enroll during regularly scheduled registration periods in order to avoid a late enrollment fee.

    A student may not enroll for more than 18 K-State credit hours in a semester unless the student is granted permission to do so by the student's academic dean or the dean's representative. If the published curriculum of a college or department in which the student is enrolled requires that more than 18 K-State credit hours be taken during a semester, this 18-credit limit does not apply.

    A student will be considered full-time for fall and spring semesters if she or he is enrolled in 12 or more semester hours and for summer if enrolled in at least 6 semester hours.

    A student with documented disabilities may petition the university for a waiver of the full-time requirement to allow course loads that appropriately accommodate the disability. The petition must be made in a timely manner prior to the appropriate semester. A student must petition annually for continuation of the waiver.

    Faculty and employees
    Full-time faculty members and regular employees, with approval of their department heads or deans, may enroll in undergraduate or graduate work not to exceed 6 contact hours in fall and spring semesters or 6 contact hours in the summer semester.

    Late enrollment
    A $50 late enrollment fee is assessed for initial enrollment that occurs after the semester begins.

    Topics within Enrollment:
    dAssignment to Courses dA/Pass/F Policy dAuditing Courses
    dDrop/Add dCredit/No Credit Courses dPrep Week
    dCurriculum Change dCourse Attendance dFinal Examinations
    dRetake Policy dWithdrawal From the University   
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