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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
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    Honors Program

    The honors program in the College of Education has been established for undergraduate students who have demonstrated high academic achievement. The major purpose of the honors program is to give selected students an opportunity to expand their knowledge of the teaching profession and to acquire a desire to be leaders in the profession. The program is designed for students in the College of Education and other students who are completing a teacher certification program through another college at K-State.

    Participants receive recognition for achievements; learn and interact with other honor students in small groups; establish close association with faculty members in seminars and research projects; and exercise creativity and explore leadership responsibilities.

    Admission requirements
    1. Present a written statement of interest in the program.

    2. Submit an ACT Composite score of 28 or higher or evidence of a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 in a minimum of 9 semester hours of college work.

    3. Enroll in the non-credit course DED 010 Introduction to the Honors Program.

    Student progression after admission
    1. Enrollment each semester in DED 020 Honors Program (0).

    2. Enrollment in a minimum of two Honors Seminars (DED 320) prior to graduating.

    3. Maintenance of a grade point average of 3.5 or better in all college work.

    4. Completion of DED 420 Honors Research (1-3), for at least 2 credit hours under the supervision of a professor in the College of Education.

    Features of the honors program
    In addition to the DED 320 Orientation to the Honors Program seminar offered during the fall semester, honors seminars are offered in the College of Education each semester. One of the two topical seminars required for completion of the honors program can be taken in another college. The seminars focus on topics that will broaden the knowledge of future educators and give them insights into leadership responsibilities in the education profession.

    DED 420 Honors Research gives students an opportunity to work with professors having similar research interests. Research topics may be selected from a range of areas and they may reflect the student's particular interests.

    Topics within Education:
    dAdvising dSecondary Education Teaching Fields dEducational Administration and Leadership
    dUniversity General Education dOptional Secondary Licensure Programs dElementary Education
    dHonors Program dOptional Secondary Licensure Program at the Middle Level dFoundations and Adult Education
    dSupport Facilities and Programs dSecondary Education Programs Outside the College of Education dSecondary Education
    dTeacher Education dOther Program Choices dSpecial Education
    dElementary Education Program dGeneral Courses   
    dSecondary Education Program dCounseling and Educational Psychology   
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    Kansas State University
    August 19, 2005