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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
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    General Business

    GENBA 101. Business Orientation. (0) I, II. A general orientation to the university and the College of Business Administration, study skills, the enrollment process, and to the various career options in business. Required for all students with fewer than 45 credit hours.

    GENBA 299. Honors Colloquium in Business. (1) I, II. Open to freshmen and sophomores in the honors program for the College of Business Administration. Discussions and lectures on topics of interest to business students.

    GENBA 391. Administrative Communications. (3) On sufficient demand. Preparation of business communications, reports, and correspondence, and analysis of communication systems within an enterprise structure. Pr.: ENGL 120 and SPCH 106.

    GENBA 498. Problems in Business Administration. (Var.) I, II, S. In-depth analysis of special problems in general business including study of current literature. Pr.: Senior standing and consent of instructor and the department head.

    GENBA 499. Honors Seminar. (1) I, II. Open to juniors and seniors in the honors program for the College of Business Administration. Selected seminars, lectures, and convocations on topics of interest to business students. Discussion sessions will follow.

    GENBA 506. Theories of Gender. (3) I. Surveys major contemporary U.S. theories of gender and their development, including impact of feminist movement on the development of theory, interactions of race and gender, women's culture and men's roles. Compares approaches of social sciences and humanities. Pr.: Six hours of women's studies.

    Topics within Business Administration:
    dGeneral Requirements dAccounting dManagement
    dUniversity General Education Requirements dFinance dMarketing
    dProgram Options dGeneral Business   
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