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    Telecommunications Services

    Fred Damkroger, Director
    109 East Stadium

    Telecommunications provides the voice, data, and video transmission capabilities for the university. The department provides approximately 9,000 telephones lines to university departments and 2,000 lines to the student residence halls.

    PBX switches, linked together by leased lines, connect the main campus in Manhattan, the Foundation Center, and the manufacturing learning center with the Salina campus. Fiber optic cables connect remote modules of the main campus PBX switch and carry data to all academic buildings and residence halls.

    The department provides long distance service and cable TV to students living in the residence halls. An authorization code assigned to each student identifies the caller and ensures proper billing. Voice mail, call waiting, and other advanced features of the system are also available to students in the residence halls. Authorization codes are also available for faculty and staff for personal long-distance calls.

    Connections to the state KANS-A-N network provide long-distance service to all departments along with facilities provided by other long distance carriers.

    The campus paging system and all radios on campus are the responsibility of the department. The Office of Telecommunications provides the service for all wiring additions, moves, and changes to all existing and new buildings.

    Topics within Auxiliary Services and Facilities:
    dAffirmative Action dInstitutional Advancement dStudent Publications
    dAlumni Association dKSU Foundation dTelecommunications Services
    dChild Care dLibraries dUniversity Press of Kansas
    dComputing and Network Services dPolice Department dUniversity Relations
    dFamily Center dPostal Service   
    dInformation Systems Office dSpeech and Hearing Center   
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