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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
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    Pre-Health Professions Advising

    Students interested in the health professions listed below are advised through the College of Arts and Sciences' Pre-Health Professions Program (PHPP). PHPP is not a major or a degree-granting program. Health professions advisors help students become competitive applicants to professional schools that will prepare them for the following health careers:

    · Clinical laboratory science (medical technology)
    · Dentistry
    · Health information management
    · Medicine (allopathic, osteopathic, chiropractic, podiatric, physician's assistant)
    · Nursing
    · Occupational therapy
    · Optometry
    · Pharmacy
    · Physical therapy
    · Pre-respiratory care
    · Pre-veterinary medicine (Students interested in Veterinary Medicine may be advised through the College of Arts and Sciences or the College of Agriculture. See the Pre-Health Professions Program section in this catalog for a detailed explanation.)

    Among these pre-health areas, an undergraduate major is offered only in clinical laboratory science. The other pre-health areas are not majors.

    Some professional schools require a bachelor's degree before you enroll. Even if a degree is not required, some students wish to each a bachelor's degree from K-State before going on to professional school.

    Students who require or wish to complete a bachelor's degree before going on to professional school must declare a major. No specific major is preferred over another by professional schools, so students should choose a major based on their academic interests. A major may be chosen from any undergraduate college at Kansas State University. Pre-health students who declare a major will have a pre-health advisor and an advisor for their undergraduate major.

    Topics within Academic Advising:
    dAdvising Responsibilities dCredit By Examination dAcademic Fresh Start GPA
    dPre-Law Advising dCredit By Departmental Examination   
    dPre-Health Professions Advising dExtension and Correspondence Credit   
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