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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
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    Transfer Admission

    Transfer qualifications
    Students who have earned college or university credit after high school graduation must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale to qualify for admission to the university. The following programs of study require higher grade point averages.

    · All College of Architecture, Planning, and Design programs
    · All College of Engineering programs
    · All College of Business Administration programs
    · Interior design
    · Mass communication (journalism)
    · Psychology
    · All health-related professions
    · All teacher education programs (does not apply to pre-professional education)

    For information regarding specific program requirements contact the college's dean's office or refer to the college's academic section of this catalog.

    Students transferring fewer than 24 credit hours should see the Freshman Admission section in this catalog.

    Transfer application
    Application procedures require a completed application form, the $25 nonrefundable application fee, and complete official transcripts from all previous colleges or universities.

    Transfer applicants who have earned less than 24 hours of transfer credit must also submit an official final high school transcript showing their graduation date and ACT results. Information about institutions previously attended must be furnished upon application and transcripts must be furnished regardless of the applicant's wishes concerning use of previously earned credit.

    The College of Arts and Sciences offers an option to enter the university without declaring a specific program of study. This program is limited to students who have earned less than 60 college-level credit hours. If you have earned 60 or more credit hours you must specify a major.

    All applicants to the College of Business Administration must begin their studies in pre-professional business administration. Students who have earned more than 30 college-level credits and have less than 2.3 GPA will not be admitted to the College of Business Administration.

    All documentation should be sent to the Office of Admissions in Manhattan. All documents submitted become the property of the university and cannot be returned or copied.

    Transcript evaluations
    Most academic credits from accredited junior colleges and universities are transferable to K-State. Up to half of the hours required for a K-State baccalaureate degree can be taken at a two-year college.

    Official evaluation of transfer credit is part of the admission procedure. Application of transfer credit toward degree requirements is determined by each college and major department.

    University general education requirements for transfer students
    Transfer students entering Kansas State University beginning in fall 1997 and/or transferring credit earned from accredited two-year or four-year institutions after summer 1997 are required to complete a minimum number of university general education credit hours at K-State. The minimum number of university general education credit hours required is based upon total number of completed transfer credit hours accepted at K-State.

    Associate degree programs
    Number of completed transfer credit hours accepted at K-StateMinimum university< general education credit hours to be taken at K-State
    15 and above3
    Bachelor's degree programs
    Number of completed transfer credit hours accepted at K-StateMinimum university< general education credit hours to be taken at K-State
    45 or more6

    Each student pursuing a bachelor's degree is required to complete a minimum of 6 credit hours of K-State upper-division university general education courses (300 or above) as specified in the program in which they will graduate. For precise requirements for degree completion, refer to the academic department of your major in this catalog.

    Credit by exam credits may be considered ``transfer credits'' for purposes of the university general education policy.

    In course descriptions UGE courses are marked with a diamond (University General Education course).

    Approved courses
    Courses currently approved for university general education credit are listed on the web at: This list will change as courses are deleted and approved.

    Please note that the Kansas Board of Regents defines basic skills courses as separate from university general education. K-State basic skills courses include Expository Writing courses, College Algebra, and Public Speaking. Therefore, these courses will not fulfill your general education requirements.

    Community college articulation
    K-State subscribes to the transfer articulation agreement with the 19 Kansas community colleges. Students who have received an associate of arts degree from a Kansas community college are guaranteed junior classification.

    All credits of an associate degree are not necessarily applicable toward a baccalaureate degree; additional freshman, sophomore, and general education courses may be required to meet degree requirements.

    The associate of applied science (AAS) and associate of general studies (AGS) degrees will only transfer into specific baccalaureate programs. Generally, these degrees will only apply toward bachelor degrees in areas related to technical occupations. Students who wish transfer credit from the AAS or AGS degree should seek a transcript evaluation from the college or major department to which they are applying for admission.

    Course equivalency information on all Kansas community colleges is available on the web. Access this information to look up specific course transferability at admit/tran_info.html.

    Military evaluation for credit
    The evaluation of military training and experience is conducted in the Office of Admissions. An evaluation of military experience is optional and has no bearing on admission status to K-State. This evaluation does not include evaluation of transfer work from other educational institutions.

    The evaluation of documents includes DD-214, DD-295, certificates of completion, Defense Language Institute transcripts, Academy of Health Sciences at Fort Sam Houston transcripts, and AARTS transcripts. Active military personnel may have their current, primary MOS evaluated, provided it has been validated by a performance evaluation within the last 12 months.

    Credit awarded through military credential evaluation will be recorded on the K-State transcript at the time the student is admitted to a degree seeking program at K-State and enrolls in K-State courses.

    In general, the university follows the recommendation given in A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services published by the American Council on Education as these recommendations apply to a student's K-State degree program. Kansas State University does not award physical education credit for basic training. Credit in military science is granted based on length of time in service and rank upon discharge. Military correspondence courses and courses which last less than two weeks are not recognized for college-level credit. Credits resulting from military evaluations granted by other institutions are not transferable to K-State.

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