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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
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    Special and Nondegree Student Admission

    Several categories of special and non-degree students exist at K-State. All students are subject to stated requirements and are responsible for payment of all fees, regular attendance at classes, and maintenance of satisfactory standing. Special and non-degree options are not available for international students on student visas.

    Special student applicants
    Students who do not intend to become candidates for a degree may apply for admission as special students. Such students must submit the traditional application, application fee, test scores, and appropriate transcripts. Special student applicants must meet standard admission requirements. Special and nondegree-seeking students are not eligible for financial assistance.

    Nondegree-seeking student applicants
    Some students may be admitted as nondegree-seeking students at the discretion of a director of admissions. Nondegree-seeking students must submit the standard application, application fee, test scores, and appropriate transcripts. These students will be allowed to complete a maximum of 15 semester hours in non-degree status. In order to pursue work beyond the 15 hour limit, students must apply for regular admission and meet all requirements. Nondegree-seeking students are required to sign an agreement specifying the terms of their admission.

    High school students
    Outstanding high school juniors and seniors may be admitted as special students to take courses while completing their high school requirements. High school students must submit the standard application, application fee, a recommendation from the high school, an outstanding high school academic record, and specify the courses in which they plan to enroll.

    Younger students may be granted admission under special circumstances. In addition to the documents mentioned above, those students must file a letter of consent from one of the students' parents and a letter of approval to enroll in the selected class from the K-State department offering the class.

    The university monitors the progress of all pre-college students very carefully. Students are approved for enrollment on the basis of space available in the selected class and success in prior university course work, if applicable.

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