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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
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    Readmit Students

    A readmit is any undergraduate student who has previously been admitted and attended K-State courses on the Manhattan campus at any time since high school graduation, or any undergraduate student who was admitted to and attended classes on the Salina (College of Technology and Aviation) campus since fall 1991.

    Students need to reapply and be readmitted if they have graduated from K-State and wish to return for or continue further undergraduate work, have not been enrolled for one or more semesters at K-State or, have been dismissed from the university one or more semesters previously. There is no readmission application fee.

    Graduate students who have attended graduate school at K-State or earned a K-State graduate degree, but have never been an undergraduate student at K-State, must file a new student application and pay the $25 application fee.

    Students must be readmitted to a primary major. A minor or secondary major can be added once enrolled. Students who have graduated from K-State cannot be readmitted to seek or complete a minor or secondary major.

    The application deadline for readmitting students is five working days prior to the scheduled enrollment date. Students submitting applications during the final five days before the first day of classes will enroll during late enrollment and will be assessed the $50 late enrollment fee.

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    dGeneral Admission Information dTransfer Admission dFraudulent Applications
    dCampus Visits dSpecial and Nondegree Student Admission dReadmit Students
    dGlossary of Terms dInternational Admission   
    dFreshman Admission dEnglish Proficiency   
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