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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
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    Freshman Admission

    Admission to Kansas State University is granted to individuals who meet one of the following requirements:

    High school graduates must:
    · Achieve an ACT score of 21 or above or an SAT of 980 or above; or
    · Rank in the top third of the graduating class at the end of the seventh or eighth semester; or
    · Complete the precollege curriculum:

    One unit = 1 year or 2 semesters
    SubjectUnits requiredCourses to take
    English4One unit of English for each year of high school
    Natural science3Choose three untis from:
    · Biology
    · Advanced biology
    · Physical/earth/general science
    · Chemistry
    · Physics
    At least one unit must be in chemistry or physics
    Math3One unit each of:
    ·Algebra I
    · Algebra II
    · Geometry
    Social science3One unit of U.S. history
    One-half unit of U.S. government
    One unit selected from:
    · Psychology
    · Economics
    · Civics
    · History
    · Current social issues
    · Sociology
    · Anthropology
    · Race and ethnic group relations
    One-half unit selected from:
    · World history
    · World Geography
    · International relations
    Computer technology1Basic applications. Keyboarding does not apply
    Resident students must have a 2.0 in the precollege curriculum.
    Nonresident students must have a 2.5 in the precollege curriculum.

    GED graduates must:
    · Achieve an overall average GED score of 50 points or higher.

    Transfer students with fewer than 24 transferable credit hours must:
    · Meet the conditions for high school graduates; and
    · Achieve a cumulative college GPA of 2.0.

    *Some academic programs require higher GPAs

    Adult students
    Students who are 21 or older and have graduated from high school, or earned a GED score of 50 or higher, may be admitted to Kansas State University without meeting the required ACT score, high school rank, or high school GPA. Adult students will be required to have a cumulative college GPA of 2.0.

    Students with unusual academic circumstances
    Kansas State University realizes there are circumstances that may prevent students from meeting one of the admission requirements. Students who have encountered unusual situations that may have kept them from meeting the requirements for admission should bring those circumstances to the attention of an admissions director. In some situations, a student who has not met the established admission requirements may be admitted on an exception basis.

    Apply early
    Students are encouraged to initiate the application process early in the senior year by submitting a completed application and the nonrefundable $25 application fee. To complete an application, each student must submit official scores from the American College Test (ACT) or from the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Following graduation from high school, an eighth-semester transcript showing the date of high school graduation should be submitted.

    Home-schooled students
    Home-schooled students will be considered for admission on the same basis as traditional high school graduates. Students should submit ACT results and descriptive information regarding their high school program of study. Course descriptions or portfolios are accepted in lieu of an accredited diploma. Contact the Office of Admissions if you have questions about home schooling qualifications or requirements for admission.

    American College Test (ACT)
    All new freshmen applicants, regardless of age and non-traditional status, are required to take the ACT and have official test results forwarded to the university. The test should be taken on one of the national test dates throughout the year. If the applicant anticipates applying for scholarships, the October test is preferable. Test centers are available nationally. Information about the ACT is available from the Admissions Office and from your local high school counseling office.

    Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
    In some situations, students are unable to participate in the ACT program but do have access to the SAT program offered through the College Board Services. K-State will substitute SAT results for purposes of making admission decisions, but students should take the ACT so that all data made available through that service can become part of the student's advising portfolio. Specific questions concerning standardized testing should be referred to a director of admissions.

    Topics within Admission:
    dGeneral Admission Information dTransfer Admission dFraudulent Applications
    dCampus Visits dSpecial and Nondegree Student Admission dReadmit Students
    dGlossary of Terms dInternational Admission   
    dFreshman Admission dEnglish Proficiency   
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