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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2002-2004
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    Career and Employment Services

    Tracey L. Fraser, Director
    Holtz Hall

    Career and Employment Services assists students and alumni with activities related to finding employment. Whether seeking part-time employment while attending classes, a summer job, a curriculum-related internship, experience through experiential learning, or a full-time career position, CES can help. Career and Employment Services is a service and resource center, containing an extensive, up-to-date job search library, a staff dedicated to assisting students and alumni in their job search, and contacts with thousands of employers throughout the country.

    The staff is committed to fostering self- direction and personal responsibility in those seeking help with their career development. Strong academic programs, capable students, a strong work ethic, and a coordinated job search program combine to give K-State students a distinct advantage over those from many other institutions.

    The CES home page contains current information for events, companies recruiting on campus, career and student employment jobs listed with CES, and links to career and employment sites on the Internet. The career resource library includes job vacancy announcements, employer directories, company profiles, salary information, job search training materials, and prospective employer lists. Workshops and individual career advisors provide training and consultation on resume writing, interviewing, job search and career planning. Unique services include an extensive on-campus interview program, interview clinics and career fairs.

    Topics within Services for Students:
    dAcademic Assistance Center dEducational Supportive Services dOff-Campus Housing
    dAcademic and Career Information Center dGreek Affairs dOffice of Student Life
    dAdult Student Services dHousing and Dining Services dRecreational Services
    dAlcohol and Other Drug Education Service dInternational Student Center dReligious Affairs
    dCareer and Employment Services dK-State Student Union dStudent Activities and Services
    dCooperative Houses dLafene Health Center dStudent Government
    dCounseling Services dMulticultural Programs and Services dUpward Bound and Other Youth Programs
    dDisability Support Services dNew Student Services dWomen's Center
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    June 5, 2003