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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2000-2002

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    Tuition and Fees
    dPayment of Tuition and Fees
    dSchedule of Fees
    dSchedule of Fees for K-State at Salina
    dPeople Eligible for Resident Tuition
    dRefund Policy
    All-University Regulations
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    Tuition and Fees

    Keith L. Ratzloff, University Controller

    The following schedule of tuition and fees was in effect at the time this catalog was prepared. There is no guarantee this schedule will not be changed without notice before the beginning of any semester or summer term.

    Students will be assessed for all hours in which they are enrolled, including those for which the grade of W is recorded. Students withdrawing from courses are eligible for refunds in accordance with the refund policy.

    Students receiving scholarships or grants not processed through the K-State Office of Student Financial Assistance before registration will be required to pay the full amount of their tuition and fees from personal resources.

    Topics within Tuition and Fees:
    dPayment of Tuition and Fees dSchedule of Fees for K-State at Salina dRefund Policy
    dSchedule of Fees dPeople Eligible for Resident Tuition   
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    Kansas State University
    November 10, 2000