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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2000-2002

    About the Catalog
    About the University
    Glossary and Abbreviations
    Academic Advising
    Tuition and Fees
    dReport of Grades
    dScholastic Deficiencies
    dCredits for Extracurricular Work
    dClassification of Students
    dStudent Records
    All-University Regulations
    Student Financial Assistance
    Services for Students
    Auxiliary Services and Facilities
    International Programs
    Secondary Majors
    Architecture, Planning, and Design
    Arts and Sciences
    Business Administration
    Human Ecology
    Technology and Aviation
    Veterinary Medicine
    Graduate School
    Intercollegiate Athletics
    K-State Research and Extension
    University Faculty


    The university uses the following grades:

    A, for excellent work
    B, for good work
    C, for fair work
    D, for poor work
    F, for failure
    I, for incomplete
    P, for grades of B, C, or D in courses taken under the A/Pass/F grading option
    Cr, for credit in courses for which no letter grade is given (nongraded courses)
    NC, for no credit in courses for which no letter grade is given (nongraded courses)
    NR, for no grade reported
    W, for withdrawn
    XF, Violation of Honor Code

    The grade of Incomplete (I) is given in regular courses (other than independent studies, research, and problems) upon request of the student for personal emergencies that are verifiable. The faculty member has the responsibility to provide written notification to the student of work required to remove the incomplete. The student has the responsibility to take the initiative in completing the work, and is expected to make up the incomplete during the first semester (enrolled) at the university after receiving the grade of I. If the student does not make up the incomplete during the first semester in residence at the university after receiving it, a grade may be given by the faculty member without further consultation with the student.

    If after the end of the first semester the I remains on the record it will be designated as F for record-keeping purposes and will be computed in the student's GPA, weighted at 0 points per credit. A grade of NR will be treated in a like manner using the designation F.

    Courses in which a Cr or P grade is received will be used in fulfilling graduation requirements. Only the grades A, B, C, D, and F are used in calculating resident grade averages.

    Topics within Grades:
    dReport of Grades dReinstatement dClassification of Students
    dPoints dHonors dStudent Records
    dScholastic Deficiencies dCredits for Extracurricular Work dTranscripts
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    Kansas State University
    November 10, 2000