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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
ACCTG231Accounting For Business Operations
ACCTG241Accounting For Investing And Financing
ACCTG432Managerial Reporting
ACCTG433Financial Reporting
ACCTG442Auditing 1
ACCTG642Accounting Research and Communication
AGRON405Internship In Agronomy
ANTH535Archaeological Field Methods
ASI510Animal Breeding Principles
AVM261Aircraft Inspection/Assm
AVM352Powerplant Overhaul
BIOCH110Biochemistry And Society
BIOCH111Biochemistry And Society Laboratory
BIOCH265Introduction To Organic And Biochemistry
BIOCH521General Biochemistry
BIOCH522General Biochemistry Laboratory
BIOCH599Research Training In Biochemistry
BIOL198Principles of Biology
BIOL198Principles of Biology
BIOL198Principles of Biology
BIOL455General Microbiology
CHM110General Chemistry
CHM111General Chemistry Laboratory
CHM210Chemistry 1
CHM210Chemistry 1
CHM230Chemistry 2
CHM350General Organic Chemistry
CHM351General Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHM371Chemical Analysis
CHM531Organic Chemistry 1
CHM532Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHM550Organic Chemistry 2
CHM599Senior Thesis Research
CIS102Introduction To Spreadsheet Application
CIS103Introduction To Database Application
CIS209C Programming For Engineers
CIS490Special Topics In Computer Science
CIS597Information Systems Project
CIS598Computer Science Project
CIS690Implementation Projects
CMST103Computing Principles
CMST108Pc Desktop Software
CMST146Digital Photography
COT495Industrial Internshp - Top/Vary By Student
DED420Honors Project
ECON510Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON520Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON530Money And Banking
ENGL302Technical Writing
ENTRP340Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ENVD201Environmental Design Studio 1
ENVD202Environmental Design Studio 2
FDSCI305Fundamentals Of Food Processing
FINAN450Principles Of Finance
FINAN450Principles Of Finance
FNDH132Basic Nutrition
FNDH132Basic Nutrition
FNDH400Human Nutrition
FNDH400Human Nutrition
FNDH515Counseling Strategies In Dietetic Practice
FNDH570Introduction to Research in Dietetics Practice
GEOG221Intro Physical Geography
GEOL103Geology Laboratory
GRSC602Cereal Science
HM640Entrepreneurship In Hospitality Management
IAPD664IAPD Summer Internship
IAPD665IAPD Summer Internship Report
KIN310Measurement And Research Techniques In Kinesiology
KIN336Physiology Of Exercise Lab
KIN603Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology
KIN609Environmental Physiology
MANGT366Information Technology For Business
MANGT421Introduction To Operations Management
MANGT595Business Strategy
MANGT662Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Design
MATH100College Algebra
MATH100College Algebra
MATH100College Algebra - Traditional
MATH150Plane Trigonometry
MATH150Plane Trigonometry
MATH150Plane Trigonometry
MATH205General Calculus And Linear Algebra
MATH205General Calculus And Linear Algebra
MATH220Analy Geom & Calc 1
MATH221Analy Geom & Calc 2
MATH221Analy Geom & Calc 2
MATH222Analytic Geometry And Calculus 3
MATH240Elem Differential Eq
MATH240Elem Differential Eq
MATH510Discrete Mathematics
MATH551Applied Matrix Theory
MIS422Studio 2: Business Database Systems
PFP105Intro to PFP
PHYS113General Physics 1
PHYS114General Physics 2
PHYS213Engineering Physics 1
PHYS400Indep Study/Physics - Top/Vary By Student
PHYS460Top/Undergrad Physic - Top/Vary By Student
PLPTH599Res/Plant Pathology - Top/Vary by Student
POLSC499Honors Project
PPIL111Private Pilot
PPIL112Professional Instrument Pilot
PPIL211Professional Commercial Pilot
PSYCH110General Psychology
PSYCH110General Psychology
PSYCH110General Psychology
PSYCH505Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH535Social Psychology
PSYCH560Industrial Psychology
STAT100Statistical Literacy In The Age Of Information
STAT325Introduction To Statistics
STAT325Introduction To Statistics
STAT350Business And Economic Statistics 1