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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
AGEC710Comparative Food And Agriculture Systems
AMETH160Introduction To American Ethnic Studies
AMETH351African American Perspectives - Top/Black Liberation Theology
AMETH351African American Perspectives - Top/Sex,HIV/AIDS & Black Comm
AMETH351African American Perspectives - Top/Black Liberation Theology
AMETH352American Indian Perspectives
ART54520c Art History 1
AVT100Introduction to Aviation
CLSCS502Top Class Studies - Top/Ancient Sport/Masculinity
DANCE205Dance As An Art Form
EDEL310Foundations Of Education
EDSEC620Principles & Philosophy of Career & Technical Education
ENGL350Introduction To Shakespeare
ENGL362British Survey 2
GEOG100World Regional Geography
GEOG332Introduction To China
GEOL100Earth In Action
GEOL100Earth In Action
GEOL102Earth Through Time
GRMN529Special Studies In German
HIST200Top/History F & S - Top/20th Cent Warfare/Mid East
HIST200Top/History F & S - Top/Comic Books American Hist
HIST320History Of Technology
HIST330History Of East Asian Civilizations
HIST513Battles And Leaders
HIST529Civil War And Reconstruction
HIST558History Of Kansas
HIST571Eighteenth-Century Europe
HIST597Top/European History - Top/Ancient Sport/Masculinity
HIST598Top/Non-Western Hist - Top/War & Conq/Hispanic Americ
HIST650Internship In History
MC110Mass Communication In Society
MC466Law Of Mass Communications
MUSIC170History of Rock and Roll
MUSIC250Introduction To Music
MUSIC340Introduction to Film Music
MUSIC405Music For Elementary Teachers
MUSIC405Music For Elementary Teachers
MUSIC420History Of Jazz
POLSC115U. S. Politics
POLSC524Political Islam
POLSC543American Foreign Policy
POLSC672Ideologies: Their Origins And Impact
SOCIO510Social Welfare As A Social Institution
SOCWK100Social Work: The Helping Profession
SOCWK510Social Welfare As A Social Institution
SPAN550Introduction To Literature In Spanish
WOEM570Internship for Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management