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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
AGEC710Comparative Food And Agriculture Systems
ANTH200Introduction To Cultural Anthropology
ART628Foreign Studies in Art History
ART630Foreign Studies In Studio Art
BUS315Supervisory Management
CNRES532Conflict Resolution Across Cultures & Contexts
COMM480Intercultural Communication
DAS151Advanced English Speaking I for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS152Advanced English Writing I
DAS153Advanced English Reading I for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS154Advanced English Listening If for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS162Advanced English Writing II for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS163Advanced English Reading II for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS164Advanced English Listening II for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS165Advanced English Speaking II for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS166Advanced English Writing III for Non-native Speakers of English
DAS185Teaching & Cultural Orientation For International Tch Asst
DAS507Senior Research In Latin American Studies
DAS525Senior Research In International Studies
DAS555Themes Nonviol Studies - Top/Restore Crim Justice Prac
ECED310Early Childhood
ECED310Early Childhood
ECON110Principles Of Macroeconomics
FNDH110Introduction to Public Health
FREN103Beg Acc French
FREN519Spec Studies French - Top/Art & Arch in Paris
FSHS500International Experience in Family Studies and Human Services
GENAG505Comparative Agriculture
GENBA675International Business Experience
GEOG100World Regional Geography
GEOG200Human Geography
GEOG300Geography Of Tourism
GEOG332Introduction To China
GRMN102German II
GRMN529Special Studies In German
HIST330History Of East Asian Civilizations
HIST513Battles And Leaders
HIST571Eighteenth-Century Europe
HIST597Top/European History - Top/Ancient Sport/Masculinity
HIST598Top/Non-Western Hist - Top/War & Conq/Hispanic Americ
JAPAN102Japanese II
LEAD350Culture And Context In Leadership
MANGT662Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Design
MKTG544International Marketing
MLANG100Beginner Studies in Foreign Language
MSCI306Leaders Development and Assessment Course
MSCI501Advanced Transition To Lieutenant 1
MUSIC249Introduction to Music of the World
POLSC110Introduction To Political Science
POLSC135Introduction To Comparative Politics
POLSC333World Politics
POLSC524Political Islam
SPAN101Spanish I
SPAN102Spanish II
SPAN201Spanish III
SPAN301Spanish IV