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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
ART106Art Appreciation
ART180Two Dimensional Design
ART190Drawing 1
ART200Three Dimensional Design
ART300SS/In Art - Top/Graphic Design for Non/maj
ART300SS/In Art - Top/Landscape Painting
ART300SS/In Art - Top/Photography-Way of Seeing
ART320Water Media 1
ART335Printmaking 1
ART54520c Art History 1
ART628Foreign Studies in Art History
ART630Foreign Studies In Studio Art
CLSCS105Medical Terminology: Latin and Greek for Scientists
CLSCS502Top Class Studies - Top/Ancient Sport/Masculinity
CMST146Digital Photography
COMM311Business And Professional Speaking
DANCE205Dance As An Art Form
EDEL270Arts for Elementary Schools
ENGL251Introduction To Literature
ENGL253The Short Story
ENGL302Technical Writing
ENGL350Introduction To Shakespeare
ENGL355Literature For Children
ENGL362British Survey 2
ENGL465Introduction To Creative Nonfiction
ENGL695Top/Literature - Top/Monsters
ENVD201Environmental Design Studio 1
ENVD202Environmental Design Studio 2
FREN103Beg Acc French
FREN519Spec Studies French - Top/Art & Arch in Paris
GERON710Creativity and Aging
GRMN102German II
IAPD605Prb/IAPD - Top/Sustainable Architecture
JAPAN102Japanese II
MC331Digital Photography For Mass Media
MC480Advertising and Public Relations Design and Production
MLANG100Beginner Studies in Foreign Language
MUSIC100Music Fundamentals
MUSIC160Music Listening Laboratory
MUSIC170History of Rock and Roll
MUSIC249Introduction to Music of the World
MUSIC250Introduction To Music
MUSIC340Introduction to Film Music
MUSIC405Music For Elementary Teachers
MUSIC405Music For Elementary Teachers
MUSIC675Arranging for Bands
SPAN101Spanish I
SPAN102Spanish II
SPAN201Spanish III
SPAN301Spanish IV
SPAN550Introduction To Literature In Spanish
THTRE261Fundamentals Of Acting
THTRE300Vocal Expression for Actors
THTRE566Rehearsal Techniques
THTRE630Top/Theatre - Top/Amer Thtre/Drama,1945-Pres
THTRE630Top/Theatre - Top/Beginning Act for Camera
THTRE630Top/Theatre - Top/Drama Therapy in Prisons
THTRE630Top/Theatre - Top/Introduction to Film
THTRE630Top/Theatre - Top/Vary By Student