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Aesthetic Experience and Interpretive Understanding

K-State 8 areas

CourseTitle K-State 8
ART 190Drawing 1
ART 2003d Design
ART 210Drawing 2
ART 235Printmaking 1
ART 300SS/In Art - Top/Adv and Poster Design
ART 300Ss/In Art - Top/Beginning Jewelry
ART 54520c Art History 1
ART 565Ceramics 2
CMST 135Web Page Development
CMST 146Digital Photography
COMM 311Bus & Prof Speaking
COMM 321Public Speaking 2
COMM 323Nonverbal Communication
DANCE 205Dance/Art Form
ENGL 251Intro Literature
ENGL 302Technical Writing
ENGL 350Intro To Shakespeare
ENGL 355Literature Children
ENGL 390Fable And Fantasy
ENGL 670Top/British Lit - Top/Renaiss Pastoral
FREN 211French 3
FREN 213French 4
GRMN 122German 2
IAPD 406Prb/Int Arch
IAPD 668Study Abroad Expernc
MC 331Digit Photo/Mass Med
MUSIC 100Music Fundamentals
MUSIC 160Music Listening Lab
MUSIC 170History of Rock & Roll
MUSIC 206Piano Class 1
MUSIC 220Top/In Music - Top/Women in Music
MUSIC 250Intro To Music
MUSIC 405Music Elem Tchrs
MUSIC 661Choral Ensemble Techniques
MUSIC 665Jazz Techniques
SPAN 161Spanish 1
SPAN 162Spanish 2
SPAN 261Spanish 3
SPAN 361Spanish 4
SPAN 520Hispanic Readings
SPAN 565Spanish Civilization
SPAN 670Span Appl Linguistic
THTRE 211Drama Participation
THTRE 270Intro To Theatre
THTRE 630Top/Theatre - Top/Therapy in Health Settings
THTRE 630Top/Theatre - Top/Vary By Student