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Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Summer 2008 course list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is an 8-week course and will meet June 9-August 1.

ME499 Hon Rsch Mech Engg
VAIND08040 Appointment Hosni, Mohammad
ME512 Dynamics
03ALEC08050 MTWUF8:40-9:40DUR 1063Spaulding, Gregory
ME513 Thermo 1
03ALEC08060 MTWUF9:50-10:50DUR 1063Keshavarz-Valian, Ali
ME571 Fluid Mech
03ALEC08070 MTWUF11:00-12:00DUR 1063Beck, B
ME898 MS Report
VARSH08080CAppointment Hosni, Mohammad
ME899 MS Thesis
VARSH08090CAppointment Hosni, Mohammad
ME999 PhD Research
VARSH08100CAppointment Hosni, Mohammad
NE250 Reactor Operation Lb
03ALEC08110 Appointment Whaley, Paul
NE899 MS Thesis
ClosedVARSH08120CAppointment Hosni, Mohammad
NE999 PhD Research
VARSH08130CAppointment Hosni, Mohammad

90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

ME390 Pro/Eng Cad
0190ALEC94533 MTWUF8:00-12:00DUR 3056Swenson, Daniel
LEC MTWUF1:00-5:00P Swenson, Daniel
Section meets from May 19, 2008 through May 23, 2008.

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

For more information, visit the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering home page at